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We are the silent whispers

We are Whisper Pack, the most secretive pack. We care little about other packs unless boundaries are crossed. Our secrets are many and ours to keep. We only get involved in outside situations if they directly affect us. Our territory isn't all nice and sunny, and neither are we. We are quick, cunning, and tricky. We also are the best pack at hunting. Even among our own packmates we tend to keep to ourselves. At a young age, most of the wolves among us have been taught to keep to ourselves; if it doesn't concern someone, they don't need to know. This is the principal reason we are rarely seen fighting. Are we good fighters? Why do other packs feel wary of us? It's all a mystery.

Us wolves in Whisper Pack have black, gray, and white shades of fur—though mostly gray. These shades are typically solid and not very mixed, if mixed at all. Bright colors are exceedingly rare. Our eyes are dark, no amber, no bits of gold in them. Our figures are slender, small, and not very muscular. We tend to be quiet and skeptical.    ᴊᴏɪɴ

theme song ~

Phildel (The Disappearance of the Girl)

haunting your mind...


Alpha Male [30-90 moons]

Name:: Ice

Age:: 53 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 1.25.14

Roleplayer:: ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ

About:: Ice, ambitious and brutal, shows no mercy in conflict. This menacing brute with his blood-stained past decided to take over and make Whisper Pack his home. Any word about his pack not being the best is the death sentence for whoever said it. The biggest wolf this forest has ever seen is corrupt, sick, and has slaughtered many of his own pack and the whole of his family. The forest will soon be his.

Alpha Female [30-90 moons]

Name:: Reina (meaning: Queen)

Age:: N/A

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 8.20.16

Roleplayer:: lareinadelaluna

About:: Reina is an average sized grayish white she-wolf with large dark eyes. She's very slim, causing her to look weak, which she exploits in battle. She's always ready for a fight, putting others at false peace with her size and attacking when they least expect it. Being born in a large litter of pups, all she's ever wanted was to feel noticed, which explains her hidden anger and desire to be a higher ranking in a pack.

Beta [20-70 moons]

Name:: Mystery / Stone

Age:: 53 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 7.20.16

Roleplayer:: Ashire-oki

About:: Stone, formerly Mystery, could be considered bipolar as her moods can change in two shakes of a lamb's tail. She is strong and harsh, and her ragged and bloodstained fur reflects it well. She once murdered a wolf in cold blood, leaving him to suffer a torturous death slowly turning into live crow food. The corpse still resides in the middle of camp. She values Intelligence and loyalty, to herself and Ice, and an ability to follow rules the most. She is a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any given moment, let this be a warning to those who wish to deviate from her or Ice's word.

Healer [15-90 moons]

Name:: Hemlock

Age:: 15 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 3.4.17

Roleplayer:: Hemlock

About:: Hemlock is a small and slender wolf with a frost white coat, dusted with gray speckles and her eyes are a dark brown. She is a rather unsocial wolf, prefering to keep to herself than participate in conversation with others; despite this fact, she does enjoy spending time with her packmates, and is kind and patient with injured or sick wolves. She is more of a watcher than participater so she tends to hear many things which can sometimes lead her into trouble, as she has a curious and adventurous nature. Hemlock's intuitive and compassionate personality is what lead her to study herbs and healing, she has a drive to help others.

Healer-In-Training [6-15 moons]

(will be rped after battle)

Pack Members [12-110 moons]

Name:: Umbra (meaning: shadow)

Age:: 30 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 7.30.16

Roleplayer:: Umbra

About:: Umbra came into the pack not long ago. She came with her muzzle dripping with blood and she she isn't trusted that much. She is slightly smaller than most wolves, her head only being up to their shoulders. She looks weaker than she is. and she uses this to get other wolves to be more relaxed around her. She hasn't told anyone of her past or where she came from and no wolf knows the truth of how strong and cunning she is.

Name:: Sitka

Age:: 38 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 8.30.16

Roleplayer:: cana

About:: Unlike most of the pack Sitka has amber coloured eyes, however they are quite dull and not very bright. His pelt is a mix of gray and brown with a white underbelly. This is because Sitka was not originally from Whisper Pack, he was born in Dawn Pack but he keeps this to himself, making sure no one in Whisper Pack knows his past. With a height of 36 inches at the shoulder, paired with his muscular build, Sitka has a very intimidating stature. Like many of the Whisper Pack wolves Sitka has his secrets that he will take to the grave. He prefers keeping to himself, however when the situation calls for it he can be civil with others.

Name:: Kari

Age:: 16 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 10.17.16

Roleplayer:: Korudo

About:: Kari is a larger than average completely black wolf, with stunningly threatening red eyesand are oddly powerful. He is more secretive than most wolves, even for Whisper Pack. This is due to the cause of the scar he received when he was an omega in a pack much farther from these lands, when he when tried to protect his siblings from the alpha male who attacked them. Now he avoids cubs as much as he possibly can, to avoid the memories, and tries to survive in a world he thinks hates him.

Name:: Mystic

Age:: 17 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.14.17

Roleplayer:: saka

About:: Mystic is a dark grey and silver wolf, with dark green eyes that seem to be able to penetrate into wolf's souls. He is an average sized wolf, but is faster than most of the wolves he has met. He tends to hide in the shadows, and is a very quiet wolf, even for a member of Whisper Pack. Mystic does not make friends easily, but the ones he does make he will fight for no matter what. Although quiet, he is also a very passionate wolf, and he sometimes lets his passion get in the way of his thinking. Many times he wants to talk, but either thinks it wouldn't be a good time, or that he might bring back old memories he would rather keep buried...

Name:: Knight

Age:: 24 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.20.17

Roleplayer:: Raine

About:: Knight, a fast, average sized wolf, who lives with his son, Dark Silence. He is a quiet friendly wolf, he fought for a higher rank to be trusted and bring his family here. Knight is not always the kind wolf you think he might be, he is sometimes aggressive and protective. His eyes are not that amber, he has more white in them. He is a great fighter ,but if he is a hunter is unknown. Sometimes when a fight is somewhere near ,he goes and joins, it's because he helps to stop the fight or because he is bored. His only surviving pup is Dark Silence; he never saw his siblings nor his mate again after a fight, he will never forget.

Name:: Angel (nickname- Devil)

Age:: 17 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 2.28.17

Roleplayer:: Raine

About:: Angel is a dark gray wolf mixed with white and light gray, she is known to be nice to her pack members even if they are insulting her. But she can be very aggressive when she is in a battle or if someone is too bad to her, then she is called Devil. She likes good nor bad wolves, she is nice to pups and newcomers, but sometimes she may attack a newcomer. She she is a thin and fast wolf. She can befriend omegas only when they are not harsh to her.

Name:: Enyo 

Age:: 30 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 4.21.17

Roleplayer:: Pythios

About:: Enyo is a quiet and reserved entity who keeps a level head in dangerous situations yet isn't afraid to kill or hurt those who get in her way or are a threat to her pup. She isn't one to back down from a challenge when issued. Enyo has an aggressive nature and bloodthirsty desire to see others in pain yet she is a loyal soldier and follows orders well. Her desire for bloodshed and willingness to attack both foe and fellow pack members make her feared within the pack and is the reason she was thrown out of her birth pack. Despite her aggressiveness though she shows patience when with pups and the seniors which is a stark contrast to who she normally is.

Pups-In-Training [6-12 moons]

Name:: Dark Silence (nickname- Silence or Darky)

Age:: 8 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.19.17

Roleplayer:: Raine

About:: Dark Silence, known as Silence or Darky, is a shy but brave wolf. He loved play fighting but most of all he loved playing hide and seek.He has black with white markings. He can sometimes get in trouble. His father, Knight, is kind of nice to him. But when the alphas say what to do, it becomes a bit troublesome. He loves friends but even training, so when a pack member wants to train Silence, there will not be any problem.

Name:: Jasin

Age:: 7 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.28.17

Roleplayer:: Jasin

About:: Jasin is a mischievous wolf who is gifted with many talents and graced with good looks, but likes to boast about his own abilities. For a pup has a mature mind and knowledge beyond his years, but his inexperience in the world causes him to make rash decisions and have a disrespectful attitude. Although he is conceited on many levels, he is extremely loyal to his pack and has a strong sense of justice, not hesitating to stop a fight among his packmates. He was abandoned while still extremely young, and was forced to survive on his own for about 3 moons before he wandered into these lands.

Pups [0-6 moons]

Name:: Thanatos

Age:: 1 moon

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 4.21.17

Roleplayer:: Pythios

About:: Thanatos is quiet and tries to keep his head down so he doesn't attract the attention of others, being somewhat shy around other wolves. He is respectful and curious about the world that exists around him. 

Omegas [6-110 moons]

Name:: Vanity

Age:: 17 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 5.18.14

Roleplayer:: Silent_Song

About:: Shy, calm, and skittish around higher ranks (more like ICE). Vanity used to be to the happiest omega in Whisper Pack. She could always make everyone smile until Ice came into leadership of the pack. Now no one wants to smile, even when Vanity tries to get them to, they all just glare and walk away, leaving her alone.

Name:: Lily

Age:: 18 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 2.14.17

Roleplayer:: cana

About:: Lily is a grey-white she-wolf, her pelt being a light grey on top and gradually changing to white on her underbelly. Her eyes are a dull blue in colour, but are still a little brighter than the average Whisper Pack wolf. Lily is a small and slim she-wolf, standing at only 21 inches and weighing about 52lbs. Even for an omega, Lily is incredibly submissive, often staying close to ground, making herself appear even smaller than she already is as to not draw attention to herself. She often speaks with a small voice that can sometimes be hard to hear and even harder to decipher what she has said. This often leads to others just completely ignoring her or getting frustrated with the female and attacking her. Despite being treated badly within the pack, Lily is very loyal and will stand by her pack through thick and thin.

Name:: Nova

Age:: 16 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 3.13.17

Roleplayer:: Raine

About:: Nova is a good-natured secretive wolf, full of nightmares and secrets. She is kind, shy, but scared around stronger and much bigger wolves. She likes to be alone, she looks nervous around wolves. She likes darker places, Nova will have to fight against her memories and her enemies to be brave enough to fight. She will stand against a pack member, when someone forces her or she wants to try get a higher rank.

Name:: Jinx

Age:: 12 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 4.22.17

Roleplayer:: Pythios

About:: Jinx was exiled from his former pack at the young age of nine moons for trying to help some elders and orphaned pups get food. He is a white wolf with brown eyes, half his right ear is torn off, and is missing half his tail along with a few scars on his body from being attacked by his pack. He walks with a limp due to having his hind leg broken and stepping into a bear trap which resulted in giving him a twisted paw. The attack on him by his pack and the subsequent exile make him uncomfortable around large numbers of wolves and he tends to keep quiet, developing a timid and submissive personality. He tries to keep his head down and scavenges from carcasses to feed himself or picks off the leftovers of kills. His torn ear renders him partly deaf and he gets nervous and jumpy when around a lot of wolves.

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