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Hello there! Welcome to Water Pack. As our name implies, us Water Packers are wonderful swimmers! This has become the post important part of our pack. So sadly, as soon as your training is complete, if you can't swim suitably you are to be an omega. Members of our pack are typically nimble and glossy furred, making it seem as if we are swimming in water even on land! Our schedules, methods, and plans are strict and precise. It's not often, but sometimes one may be so disciplined that they get a fear of water from it. They become an omega or get cast out of the pack right away.

Our fur colors are white and gray; fully gray, fully white, or mixed. This color helps us blend in with water. Our fur is also typically very long. Us Water Packers have personalities that are typically altruistic. We remain caring, kind, and go-lucky despite our hard discipline! We are the most helpful to other packs.    ᴊᴏɪɴ

theme song ~

Saltwater Heart
Switchfoot (Fading West)

rushing through your den.


Alpha Female [30-90 moons]

Name:: Deriva (meaning: drift)

Age:: N/A

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 3.5.17

Roleplayer:: Korudo

About:: Deriva is a beautiful white wolf with grey-amber eyes. She's firm but fair, as many wolves, but yet, slightly... different. When she taught younger pups, she used to 'flip out' sometimes, throwing them into the water without aid, then would phase back, becoming normal, and saving them. Despite this trouble, she is a great leader, and an amazing fighter. Being loyal, if anyone gets between her and her pack, rest assured they will not be showing up again.

Alpha Male [30-90 moons]

Name:: Swift

Age:: 33 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 3.21.17

Roleplayer:: saka

About:: Swift is a white wolf, although shades of grey can be seen throughout his coat. Swift has become one of the strongest swimmers in his pack, and usually sets the task at hand before anything else. His eyes are a simple amber color, eyes that always seem to stay neutral no matter what is happening. Being relatively young, he still has much to learn, and usually jumps to conclusions quickly.

Beta [20-70 moons]

Name:: Iris

Age:: 42 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 3.24.17

Roleplayer:: Fenris

About:: Iris is a female wolf with a magnificent fully white coat and with stunning amber eyes. Iris has a length of 6 feet and a height of 29 inches at the shoulder. She is a adept swimmer as most Water Packers are, and is a extremely well-disciplined wolf, performing every task given to her as efficiently as possible. Iris is more cynical than emotional but she does show some feelings every once in a while, like when someone she loves is killed or seriously injured. She is more of a fighter than a strategist as she prefers executing a plan instead of creating it. She is a decent hunter when it comes to small game or hunting with the pack.

Healer [15-90 moons]

Name:: Kenji (meaning: intelligent son)
Age:: 87 moons
Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 9.6.16
Roleplayer:: lareinadelaluna

About:: Kenji, in his older age, is extremely intelligent, and comes from a long line of healers, betas, and many other very intelligent wolves. In all of his intelligence, however... Kenji is just odd : He's seen talking and laughing to himself, and often observed staring into space before breaking into fits of laughter. He's an average size, but with long, spindly thin legs, seeming to make him even taller. He's got pale gray eyes and tan/white fur, and always seems to have a wide smile on his face.

Healer-In-Training [6-15 moons]

Name:: TShieka (meaning: mirror image/torn reflection)
Age:: 10 moons
Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 4.14.17
Roleplayer:: Nova(I'Zeria, TShieka)

About:: Shie is a spunky young wolf full of energy and readiness to learn, Water Pack truly is the perfect pack for her because she loves the water she can hardly stand not being in or near it. She is loyal and caring, and very intelligent. Discipline is a way of life for Shie because she is contently learning and must stay increasingly focused on her tasks. She can't wait to one day be able to help her pack as much as the Healer does.

Pack Members [12-110 moons]

Name:: Velox (meaning: swift)

Age:: 18 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.26.17

Roleplayer:: Hemlock

About:: An underbelly of cream and white fur accompanied by varieties of gray on his upper coat help. Velox blends smoothly into the water, whether it be rapids or calm as ice. His muzzle and cheeks are coloured the same as his underbelly while the top of his snout has a unique stripe of greyish black. In certain lighting his gray eyes look a stunning crystal blue while in others a very pale gray. Velox is a kind and humouress wolf that sometimes speaks more sarcasm than polite words, he can be quit snarky but gives ranks higher than his the utmost respect. Despite his sometimes condescending attitude he's very friendly and enjoys making his pack mates laugh. He loves to wander, which occasionally gets him lost or distracted during hunts, yet this hasn't stopped him from becoming a phenomenal hunter. Velox is fairly large, usually standing a few inches above the average male's height.

Name:: Sephar

Age:: 26 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 4.21.17

Roleplayer:: Sephar

About:: Sephar is trustworthy and levelheaded in dangerous situations, he is a reliable wolf to have around yet a dangerous foe in a fight. Sephar is stern with a seriousness not found in many wolves yet he also tries to be fair when listening to others. When he fights he shows no mercy to his enemies though he doesn't like needless violence. Sephar is always training and often lost in his thoughts. An accident when he was a pup messed up his vocal chords so he is often quiet and doesn't speak a lot.  Sephar tends to be mellow and laidback when he isn't defending others yet around the higher ups is he reserved and soft spoken, speaking with formality and using their titles instead of just names.

Name:: Kashiko (meaning: child of the seashore)

Age:: 30 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 5.1.17

Roleplayer:: Juniper :)

About:: Kashiko is a good natured, motherly wolf. She is calm, hearty, and loving to everyone she meets. She can glide through water like a snake, and her coat shimmers when wet. Though she may be kind, she can be fierce when it comes to protecting someone she loves. She has light gray fur with streaks of white in it. Her eyes are a soft brown. 

Pups-In-Training [6-12 moons]

Name:: Aisuru (meaning: loving)

Age:: 10 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 2.11.17

Roleplayer:: Korudo

About:: Aisuru is a young wolf, who has been training since birth with some of the smartest. She loves learning, and swimming is, like it is for most Water Packers, her favorite pastime. Although she doesn't have much experience with hunting, she is very agile in water, and loves to dive underwater. She's even gone as far as almost drowning, because she was so captivated.

Pups [0-6 moons]

Name:: Eric

Age:: 5 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.15.17

Roleplayer:: Fenris

About:: Eric is a male pup 5 moons of age. His fur is completely white and he has blue eyes. He has a large amount of curiosity about other wolf behaviors and enjoys a particular interest in water. He is generally courteous until you anger him at which point he would ignore you and keep walking.

Name:: Plivati

Age:: N/A

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 4.11.17

Roleplayer:: Nydia

About:: Plivati is quite shy. She got abandoned at birth as she was the runt of the litter and became a loner for a few moons, when other loners exiled her, and she had to mature quickly. She found this pack and saw it as an opportunity to grow up peacefully. She's not very brave and doesn't really like talking to others, being physically quite small and lacking muscle, but hopefully with training she can improve.

Name:: Blaze

Age:: 4 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 1.12.16

Roleplayer:: Blaze

About:: Blaze is friendly and playful. He doesn't like very loud places, he likes to be in quiet peaceful places where he can relax. Blaze does like to make friends as he is friendly and will help a wolf if they are in need of help.

Omegas [6-110 moons]

Name:: Brooke

Age:: N/A
Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 2.9.13
Roleplayer:: ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ

About:: Very sweet and caring. In battle she rushes all of the pack's pups to safety, and would risk her life for any of them. She doesn't know how to fight or hunt, which is considered as a worthless wolf, but she is very enthusiastic and devoted to her work. Her misty-gray eyes appear blue in most lighting, otherwise a foggy hue.

Name:: Element

Age:: 16 moons
Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 4.16.17
Roleplayer:: saka

About:: Element is a small she-wolf with a cheerful nature, but blind in one eye. She was attacked by a rival wolf one day, causing her to become an omega. She spends much of her time in the clearing, always enthusiastic to talk to others. She sometimes wanders away, however, but no one truly knows why, and if you asked her, she would usually say it's "her little secret".

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