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Night Pack. We are the ones who are confident, arrogant, and a little cocky. The older wolves of our pack are more wise, having grown out of their immature ways. But the younger wolves are still taught to be careful and patient when they have to be. We barely come out during the day, but are social with other packs when we do. When meeting at borders of course, if they're in our territory that's another story. Our pack is known for our amazing defense. The arrogance in many of us stems from this fact that we are so hard to take down. Some other pack wolves get irritated by our audacity, while others don't take offense to it. Our confidence is simply out of ...confidence, not meanness.

Our pack has wolves with dark pelts and bright eyes. Unfortunately, bright eyes aren't really a good match for hunting, leaving our night hunting second to Whisper Pack. Our wolves are mostly known for our strength in build besides our audacity. Our sturdy forms make us the best at defense, but also a bit clumsy when it comes to moving quickly.    ᴊᴏɪɴ 

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The Night
Disturbed (Indestructible)

are not always dangerous


Alpha Female [30-90 moons]

Name:: Eclipse
Age:: 31 moons
Sex:: She-wolf
Date Added:: 12.6.15
Roleplayer:: Cana
About:: Eclipse is a very calm wolf, but don't underestimate her, hidden within lies a beast just waiting for its time to come out, however this rarely happens. Eclipse is also very loyal to her pack and anyone she deems a friend, and if they are threatened then Eclipse will protect them to her last breath. She may not be the largest of wolves but she can definitely hold her own in a fight. Being a younger wolf, Eclipse enjoys having fun and playing around, she is kind and caring, making her a popular caretaker for pups. Eclipse is mainly all black but has browns mixed in and a peculiar white strip of fur running down the centre of her chest. Her eyes are a bright, shimmering gold, it's almost as if they glow.

Alpha Male [30-90 moons]

Name:: Bodolf (meaning: wolf leader)
Age:: N/A
Sex:: Dog
Date Added:: 7.31.16
Roleplayer:: Silent_Song
About:: Bodolf is one of the most mellow alphas there are, but he does know when to draw the line when things really get out of hand. He is loyal to his pack and close friends and would risk everything to keep them safe. Even then he has a level head. He can really have a problem letting things go by him and can get lost in the chaos that happens around him. He is very forgetful at times, when he is either extremely stressed or just doesn't want think about a situation. But then it comes to a fight, he is always fair about it; the one thing that makes him mad is a wolf who plays dirty to get what they want.

Beta [20-70 moons]


(treat as a npc)

Healer [15-90 moons]


(treat as a npc)

Healer-In-Training [6-15 moons]

Name:: Haven
Age:: 6 moons
Sex:: Dog
Date Added:: 4.21.17
Roleplayer:: Sephar
About:: Haven is outgoing and easy to talk to, always giving an ear to one who might be having difficulty with something and willing to help that wolf out, regardless of if they are a pack member or an enemy. He is reserved around those he doesn't know and is soft spoken. Haven is a reliable youngster who does his best to ensure peace within the pack and tries to break up fights as he doesn't like seeing others in pain.    

Pack Members [12-110 moons]

Name:: Sasha
Age:: 29 moons
Sex:: She-wolf
Date Added:: 3.3.13
Roleplayer:: ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ
About:: A black she-wolf with piercing yellow eyes and a slenderer-than-normal frame for a Night Packer. Sasha reigns supreme in gamine charm and can often be found making sarcastic observations and occasionally being snarky. She excels in hunting and would much rather do it than fight. In general she is an observer rather than a wolf who takes action; if she doesn't have to get involved in something she won't. In battle she is a bit too fast as well as clumsy, but always looking offended and outraged, which gives the enemy a bit of a fumble. She is usually easily ticked off.
Name:: Cain (meaning: possessed)
Age:: 30 moons
Sex:: Dog
Date Added:: 7.3.16
Roleplayer:: Cana
About:: Cain is slightly above average in size but he is very muscular giving him a slightly stocky build. His fur is as dark as the night sky, no other colours appear on his pelt, only black. However in contrast to his coat, Cain's eyes are a bright luminescent yellow. In the night they seem to glow, which incidentally hinder him when hunting, but luckily his skills as a hunter make up for it. Cain is not a very social wolf, preferring to keep to himself, and in the rare occasion he does talk with others, Cain often comes across as arrogant and a bit snappish. This behaviour has lead to him becoming a sort of outcast within the pack, his appearance only adding to this as he looks very intimidating. Cain is also very audacious, often taking bold risks instead of safer options, however this has aided him in the past, helping the male to win fights, hunt prey, and in other situations as well.
Name:: Ryker (nickname- Silver)
Age:: 41 moons
Sex:: Dog
Date Added:: 2.18.17
Roleplayer:: Fenris
About:: Ryker is a large male wolf, being slightly above 5.8" in length from the tip of his nose to his tail, he weighs in at about 196lbs. His fur is a entirely silver in color giving him his nickname "Silver". Ryker is generally a friendly and loyal wolf as well as a fierce combatant to other predators and prey. His temper is easily lost when encountering dishonorable or unusually aggressive wolves. (foreign past)
Name:: Aella
Age:: 24 moons
Sex:: She-wolf
Date Added:: 4.17.17
Roleplayer:: Pythios
About:: Aella was named for the stormy night she was born upon by her devoted parents; her name meaning 'storm winds' in Greek. A proud female who walks with confidence and a domineering attitude, she likes causing others pain, is intelligent and merciless in battle. Not afraid to put others in their place if they annoy her or get on her bad side, she is often seen lurking within the shadows, always watching and waiting for the right moment to strike.  Aella holds intelligent eyes that seem to stare right through a wolf and it is this unnerving and creepy gaze that makes many fear her and avoid her at all costs.   
Name:: Duke & Duchess
Age:: 24 moons
Sex:: Dog & She-wolf
Date Added:: 6.3.17
Roleplayer:: Wolfism
About:: Duke & Duchess are vain, jet black twin wolves with light gray eyes, white tufts of fur on their chest, and egos too big for their skulls. Duchess has a posh and prissy attitude while Duke is an arrogant wolf who loves to hunt and show off. Both have medium sized fangs, with the tips just barely sticking below their muzzle if you can get close enough to get a peek. Like roses, these two are nice to look at, but are still capable of pricking one if not careful. However, they both have a habit of believing anything they hear, which can be very amusing and sometimes send them into a humorous uproar.

Name:: Shiv
Age:: 68 moons
Sex:: Dog
Date Added:: 6.7.17
Roleplayer:: 𝔰𝔥𝔦𝔳 & 𝔢𝔩𝔬𝔮𝔲𝔢𝔫𝔠𝔢
About:: Shiv is a burly wolf with a scarred, black timber-wolf patterned pelt. His pelt is thick and well-kept for an older wolf like himself. He is very focused on keeping his muscles taught and strong, so he’ll often volunteer to go on hunts or defend the territory. He is a rather big wolf compared to the average, but age has withered at his skeleton and muscle so he’s began to look scrawnier than he used to. His eyes are a bright amber, matching the typical Night Pack genes, which he was born and raised in. He’s always been a rambunctious, cocky wolf and has yet to settle down with a female that can handle his temper or ego. He is very prideful in his pack and believes there is no better pack than Night Pack. Everyone else is weak in his eyes. From the age of a pup, he was taught to give the utmost respect to his packmates, so he’ll try his hardest to believe in each packmate before he dislikes them. Even then, he’d still defend them and give his all to protect them.

Pups-In-Training [6-12 moons]

Name:: Juniper
Age:: 10 moons
Sex:: She-wolf
Date Added:: 4.9.17
Roleplayer::  Juniper :)
About:: Juniper is a spunky, sneaky, and sometimes quick thinking, Night Pack pup. She has a mixed black and brown coat with a black snout and ears. Her eyes are a vibrant green. Her short tail is slightly poofy. She loves to go exploring in the light of the moon, leaving nothing but her faint scent in the earth. She can be sneaky and stealthy at times, and loves creeping about in the shadows. She is the best at cheering people up, and can make friends easily. She is kind, careful, loyal, and sure-footed.

Name:: Mie & Ty
Age:: 9 moons
Sex:: She-wolf & Dog
Date Added:: 4.20.17
Roleplayer:: Nova
About:: Mie and Ty were born together and are inseparable they are always right there beside each other. Their favorite pass times include chasing small vermin and one time they even caught a little field mouse. Mie is very strong willed and extremely stubborn, whereas Ty is laid back and chill always getting crazy ideas and plans that end up getting him and his sister in trouble. Mie and Ty are happy to learn new things and are promising young students when they aren't being distracted.

Pups [0-6 moons]

Name:: Onyxia
Age:: 4 moons
Sex:: She-wolf
Date Added:: 4.11.17
Roleplayer:: Raine

Omegas [12-110 moons]

Name:: Teddy

Age:: 25 moons
Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 5.27.16
Roleplayer:: lareinadelaluna

About:: Teddy is slightly larger than the average female, with dark brown fur and golden yellow eyes. As a pup she broke her back leg and it healed wrong, slightly twisted. She is very shy, but enjoys socializing with others in the pack. Although she accepts her role as omega, sometimes she finds herself wishing she could be a normal pack member.

Name:: Korudo

Age:: N/A
Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 4.16.17
Roleplayer:: Korudo

About:: Korudo ran from her pack after being mauled by her mate who was in a violent rage. From what she could tell, the rest of her family had been killed, including her beloved pups. Despite this, she looks still for her mate, loving him now as she did all those moons ago. She hoped to join Night, even though her coat is white, unlike the normal dark colours of this pack.

Name:: Rahu (meaning: diety of darkness)

Age:: 26 moons
Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 4.21.17
Roleplayer:: Hemlock

About:: Rahu is an intelligent wolf, knowing much of the world and its ways. One would think because of this he could make a good Healer, or even fighter due to his large size but the male has his faults, causing him to be an omega. His body is weak and collapses from under him without warning due to arthritis that plagues his young bones. His body is always cracking and needs constant treatment to keep the aching at bay. Rahu can sometimes be seen muttering to himself and snapping his teeth at invisible creatures, one could say he's a very strange wolf who prefers his own company. He has a morbid sense of humour and finds the suffering of others rather amusing, there's no room for pity in his mind. With such an odd and cruel demeanour Rahu is incredibly unapproachable and he likes it that way; he does, however, care for those who have taken it upon themselves to worm their way into his heart. The dog also has a soft spot for pups and is commonly seen playing with them. This dogs pelt is a dark ebony shade with a small mixture or dirt coloured fur scattered about it, bright amber eyes are sunken deep into his face.

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