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There are five packs to welcome you... Which will you choose? See below for the Packs and keep scrolling for more info! 


Night Pack


The wise, confident, and sometimes arrogant, Night Pack. They are careful and somewhat strict when rules are broken.
Best defense.


Dawn Pack


The succeeding and strong Dawn Pack. There may be rows between them yet they are still closely knit together.
Best teamwork.


Water Pack


The wolves in Water Pack are excellent swimmers. Even on land they look like they are moving with the water they swim.
Best disciplined.


Fire Pack


Loyalty is the number one priority for wolves of this outspoken and outgoing pack. They also always like a good fight.
Best fighters.


Whisper Pack


The wolves in this pack were born to be silent and swift. Whisper Packers have many secrets that they usually choose not to share.
Best hunters.

Whichever path you choose, it does not matter. You can be in Whisper Pack or Dawn Pack, be a fox or loner.


You have my greeting, and welcome to the site. If you have any questions please contact the site manager here > link


Yes, as Maize said you can contact the above link for any of your problems. Moderators can also help you, here they are > AstralcanaSilent_Songlareinadelaluna (inactive)


You can also look around for yourself you know! Even if you don't find what you're looking for you would be more familiar with the site.


That's a little rash, Alpha Blaze I think others should always help newcomers before they fend for themselves! For more assistance please read our rules and do your best to follow them, if you have any questions concerning them just ask the staff! Here's a link to them~ RULES


Ha! They can figure it out! You Water Packers are always worrying about others even when you're actually strict to the extreme in your pack. Only good for swimming and eating slimy fish.


Before you start roleplaying, add your wolf to a pack in the forums. (OOC > Join ___ Pack) You don't have to wait to be accepted and/or added to a pack page. You can start roleplaying. And Blaze, at least they're not afraid of the dark like your Fire Pack. I, as a Night Packer, would know this. I remember giving a patrol of yours quite a fright. 


I think you're all inferior to me. 


Alpha I-Ice! Of Whisper Pack! When did you get here?


I'm always here.




Stalker alert. But seriously, stay away from me dude. 


Keep scrolling for more information, I hope you enjoy your stay. 


M-maize of Dawn Pack! What about Ice?!        

    yo wtf is this  <everything

Pack Ranks/aging

Alpha Male: The wolf who produces pups with the Alpha Female only, who is usually their mate. 

Male leader. 

(30-90 moons)

Alpha Female: The wolf who produces pups with the Alpha Male only, who is usually their mate.

Female leader.

(30-90 moons)

Beta: Second in command. Leads the pack when the Alphas are busy or not present. May try to challenge the Alpha of their sex or both Alphas to become the Alpha.

(20-70 moons)

Healer: Heals injuries and illnesses. Cannot have a mate for they must be completely focused in their work. Usually the peace-keepers of the pack.

(15-90 moons)

Healer-in-training: Same age as pup-in-training. They are taught by the healer and they become the pack healer once the previous dies. Once they are fully trained they are basically a second healer.

(6-15 moons)

Pack Members: Normal wolves of the Pack. They may try to take control of the Pack by challenging the Alpha of their sex or the Beta. They can specialize in hunting, fighting, or being messengers.

(12-110 moons)

Pups-in-training: Wolves that are younger than pack members. They can be trained by any pack member.

(6-12 moons)

Pups: Newborn wolves that are not allowed outside of camp. They are usually the offspring of the Alphas if a pack has both a female and male Alpha that are mates, and is settled in peace. The Alphas decide whether or not other wolves are allowed to have pups beside them.

(0-6 moons)

Omegas: The glue of the pack. The last ones to eat, dominated, and occasionally have the anger of the other wolves vented on them. These wolves are usually handicapped or have done something immoral in their pack's eyes to be lowered to this rank, but can also be here due to being dominated by a wolf of their former rank. Despite their low rank they are extremely important to the pack. They keep peace and keep down tensions, often taking the initiative in playing.

(12-110 moons)

If a wolf hasn't died by 110 moons of age they are considered retired and are usually cared for by the pack.


Members' Area


Season: Spring

Snow melts away to reveal new growth, ice that covers ponds and streams cracks and fades, and the new light and life inspires hope in sinister times.



Pack News

Night Pack:
besides the new omega, calm has come to night pack
Dawn Pack: 

an old ally seeks help

Water Pack:
the only pack to miss winter a bit as spring begins
Fire Pack:
the battle against whisper pack is likely unbeatable, but fire pack is not about to give up
Whisper Pack:
fire pack weakens, ice's reign is in sight



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