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Welcome to Fire Pack, the outgoing and loyal! We rarely welcome newcomers, but it can be done. You can be permitted as the rare exception if you show us your fighting moves and loyalty. Our wolves are amazing fighters, the best out of all the packs. Over time we've developed a series of complex battle moves. Battle tactics, fighting, and loyalty are extremely important and integrated into our daily lives. These traditions may have started by a sorrowful event, but have been developed into a positive and thrilling part of our pack. We are the most ambitious, strong-willed pack. We are very protective of each other and never mind having a brawl between packmates just for fun. We love, love, love to fight!
Our pelts are usually colored in a complex series of reds, browns, and blacks. Our eyes range from green to amber, any color. Here in Fire Pack you'll find lean-muscled wolves, toned, and bulky show-off bodies. There's no room to not be fit here! Even if you didn't want to train you'd be dragged into a brawl.    ᴊᴏɪɴ

theme song ~

Saints of Valory (Fighting - Single)

in our ever burning hearts...


Alpha Male [30-90 moons]

Name:: Blaze

Age:: N/A

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.23.13

Roleplayer:: ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ

About:: Blaze is rough around the edges and can hold a sharp tongue. But he does mean well, he just doesn't show it. This alpha's fatal flaw is his confidence. He's known with respect or aggravation, both which he reacts in others. With his strong-will and boldness, he can appear rash, but important decisions made by him are thought out carefully and deeply. Those who know him long enough, his packmates, grow to recognize this and hold respect for him. In the past, his absolute loyalty to his pack, and driving ambition, caused him to push away those close to him as his temperament and traditions drove him to rise in power. He's mellowed out in these regards, and now more appreciates those around him, such as his mate Rose.

Alpha Female [30-90 moons]

Name:: Rosabela (nickname- Rose)

Age:: 24 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 2.25.14

Roleplayer:: Silent_Song

About:: Shy, kind and loving. Rose is a silent and shy female, she was taken into this pack by her foster mother who found her as a pup. She has a hard time trying to let her feelings out to others. She is a beautiful she-wolf, with whitish red fur and amazing golden eyes. She used to be an omega before rising in rank.

Beta [20-70 moons]

Name:: Desaparecido (nickname- Des or Pare)

Age:: N/A

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 3.1.17

Roleplayer:: Korudo

About:: Des is a beautiful fire-coloured wolf, with mostly dull eyes. She's always been hardworking, and ambitious, but has, since her 3rd moon, felt as though she was missing something (thus her name, meaning missing). However, she has an optimistic personality. If she must, she can fight savegly, tearing into foes. But she prefers not to.

Healer [15-90 moons]

Name:: Karma

Age:: 41 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 5.27.17

Roleplayer:: Ezra

About:: Karma is content and observant, she gets along well with others and gives good advice. Karma isn't very muscular but she can put up for a fight if necessary. Her fur is a mix of colours ranging from red, cream and black along with stunning green eyes. 

Healer-In-Training [6-15 moons]

Name:: Raine

Age:: 14 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 3.24.17

Roleplayer:: Raine

About:: Raine is a red shy wolf with stunning amber eyes. She is an angelic wolf who can be trusted. She is also good-natured, gentle near high ranks and kind to omegas, other packmates, and especially so kind and playful with pups. She knows when a wolf needs help or that they are sad, by looking into their eyes or the moves they make. She is an expert in collecting herbs and is a quick learner. She stands by her pack's side, but is too nice to not trust a loner or a wolf from another pack. She keeps her secrets to herself, like that she had a brother, which is not known. She would even sacrifice her life just to help a stubborn wolf.

Pack Members [12-110 moons]

Name:: Sköll

Age:: N/A

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.25.14

Roleplayer:: Silent_Song

About:: Sköll is a red-white brute with eyes of burning amber; quite muscular. Serious, protective, and a strong willed fighter. When this dog is angered he can be quite menacing to others. He doesn't quite talk to the others, he mainly keeps to himself, but he talks to himself quite a lot to do this. He stayed with his mother until she was killed by an unknown wolf to him, which killed him more inside. He remembered stories she told him of his two sisters and he hopes they are alive so he can have a family again; for that is all he truly wants.

Name:: Alec

Age:: N/A

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 9.11.16

Roleplayer:: lareinadelaluna

About:: Standing quite a few inches taller than some males, and covered in various scars from fights, Alec doesn't look very... Approachable. Despite his appearance, he's a total pushover, often playing with pups and spoiling them with treats he finds while hunting. His pelt is a mixture of browns, tans, and reds, with amber eyes.

Name:: Ramses

Age:: 34 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 2.9.17

Roleplayer:: ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ

About:: Ramses is a tawny-orange wolf with faint yellow eyes. This Fire Packer holds integrity in every action undertook. Though being very curious about most everything, she typically remains calm and reserved until something interests her more than usual. When met with something intriguing she becomes noticeably more animated. She is kind and amiable in a mild way, her good-nature more apparent in her enthusiasm. A special spot for fighting is held in her soul, as it is for most Fire Packers, and she finds herself excelling in the area. She was a gladiator in the last Tournament of Champions, ranking one of the top in it.

Name:: Fenris (meaning: mythical monstrous wolf)

Age:: 21 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.13.17

Roleplayer:: Fenris

About:: Fenris is a male wolf about 6'1" from his nose to his tail in length. His fur is colored red for the most part along with a small mixture of brown. Fenris is courteous and playful and genuinely enjoys helping others in his pack and even others outside of it. He's very protective of pups and has a preference to hunt small game regularly.

Name:: Ace

Age:: 24 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 3.4.17

Roleplayer:: catBound

About:: Ace is a tan and white wolf with ruffled, messy fur, warm brown eyes, and a build that is larger than most dogs. Despite his intimidating appearance, he often acts "cool" or  "loved by everyone", but instead of the latter, the other pack members find him annoying and odd. In reality, Ace is a huge softie—especially towards pups, mothers, and healersand acts this way so he can fit in with his loyal, outgoing, and strong pack. He's a good fighter, especially so when he has something to fight for, tends to trust easily, is a bit gullible, and can be nervous easily. He easily snaps out of his act when things are serious, a wolf is injured, feeling intense emotions, or when snapped at by a higher ranked wolf. 

Name:: I'Zeria Tay

Age:: 80 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 4.14.17

Roleplayer:: Nova(I'Zeria, TShieka)

About:: I'Zeria is a fierce and strong wolf, loyal to the pack she now calls home. Her soul still holds sorrow to the losses she has had in her life as well as anger toward herself. She is a fighter and will never back down from anything.

Name:: Bullet

Age:: 46 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 5.27.17

Roleplayer:: Bullet

About:: Bullet is a bound and noble male, he can seem very strict and responsible especially when has things to do or if you don't know him. However when he is with friends he seems really light hearted and chill. He is quiet muscular with a light-ish coat, a few scars are visible, his eyes are bright amber colour and fur is a grey mixed with black. Bullet is very swift on his feet and has a strong jaw and weight. He always obeys his orders and does whatever his Alpha tells him. He is willing to risk his own life for his pack.

Name:: Spirit

Age:: 30 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 6.8.17

Roleplayer:: Belfire

About:: Spirit is very loyal and respectful wolf, tends to keep his secrets for himself rather then sharing, but if you get him in good mood he may. Usually walks alone but follows orders strictly. He is bigger and muscular then most of his packmates. In his veins runs, from afar, the blood line of the north wolves and his pelt is fluffy, his tail is bushy and his eyes are a bluish grey. He doesn't tend to fight, but he will stand his ground till his last breath. For his pack, for his family.

Pups-In-Training [6-12 moons]

Name:: Arastos

Age:: 10 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 4.3.17

Roleplayer:: Pythios

About:: Family is everything to Arastos, a rather small entity that is built for speed and stamina rather than strength. He is a good tracker and strategist with a cunning nature and intelligent eyes that always seem to stare unnervingly at others. Arastos is quiet and reserved, keeping to himself rather than interacting much with the pack and it is unknown if he is loyal to others outside of blood kin or just what his motives are.

Pups [0-6 moons]

Name:: Jaeger

Age:: 6 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.18.17

Roleplayer:: Fenris

About:: Jaeger is a male pup with red fur along with a mix of black.He has blue eyes as well as being a curious little pup, he loves to watch the adults hunt and play but hates it when someone in the pack gets hurt, his favorite thing to do is attempt to comfort the adults when they are sad or angry.

Omegas [12-110 moons]

Name:: Rema

Age:: 28 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 6.4.17

Roleplayer:: meerkatlover

About:: Rema was dropped on her head by an eagle as a pup and therefore has some mental problems. This is the reason she is an omega.

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