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We are Dawn Pack. The most succeeding and strongest pack. We are known for our love for our packmates, our kindness, and mainly our versatility and teamwork. What's the cause to our success? While other packs are focused on a couple things as a whole, we are focused on the differences in our midst. Promoting diversity could lead to a pack breaking apart, but we are tied together with by our teamwork. Our best skills are focused on and built up. We use our specialized abilities in ways that benefit others and balance them out to make us stronger as a whole. Our extraordinary teamwork often finds us leading the battlefield. Dawn Pack wolves are formidable and imposing, and that will never change as long as we stay together as one Pack.
Our pack usually has earth-colored coats with mixes of browns, grays, and other interesting colors. We also have other bright colored pelts such as orangish or goldish. Are eyes are most commonly green or yellow, occasionally amber. If you are born with a different color, you are considered an infrequent special. With our variety expertise we are most noted for being amiable, fair, strong, and fast. Versatility is our specialty!    ᴊᴏɪɴ

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Seven Nation Army
The White Stripes (Elephant)

Fill you with strength.


Alpha [30-90 moons]

Name:: Maize

Age:: 47 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 2.9.13

Roleplayer:: ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ

About:: This lone alpha is discerning and even-tempered. Skilled and powerful in conflicts, she has a keen battle sense. Although self-reliant and often appearing apathetic, she is kind and cares for the well-being of her subordinates. She quickly becomes intimidating when threatened. Despite being young for an alpha, her engaged life has been full of training, gaining knowledge, and building up reputation and respect in her own pack as well as others. After taking control of the pack from its former dictatorial alphas, she leads singularly. Her figure is about the size of an average male. Her only sibling and alive family is her brother Storm.

Beta [20-70 moons]


(to be chosen by the alpha)

Healer [15-90 moons]

Name:: Lira

Age:: 18 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 6.19.16

Roleplayer:: Astral

About:: Lira is quiet but observant. She is good with other wolves when they need help and she is a good hunter and gatherer. She has a multi colored pelt and brown eyes. She is normal in stature which makes her quick on her paws.

Healer-In-Training [6-15 moons]

Name:: Enigma

Age:: 6 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 4.21.17

Roleplayer:: Pythios

About:: Enigma is a playful and curious pup who has a lot of energy and is eager to please others. Her slim and diminutive build makes her quick on her paws yet it also makes her not good with fighting. Her brother, Aquaethir, is a lone wolf and she worries for his safety but knows there is no changing her brother's mind about joining a pack. She is thoughtful of others feelings and compassionate, often helping out the omegas with their duties as she likes being useful or else she will become restless and bored.

Pack Members [12-110 moons]

Name:: Storm

Age:: 47 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.9.13

Roleplayer:: ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ

About:: Storm, appearing noble and strong... is really just a humorous wolf who tries too hard to be flattering. He's a kind, good-natured soul, who is fond of making others happy. His sister is Maize. (in a coma)

Name:: Astral

Age:: 21 moons
Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 1.22.16
Roleplayer:: Astral

About:: Astral has a earthy colored coat with very thick fur and her eyes are two different colors. One blue and one brown. She is slightly above the average build for a she-wolf.

Name:: Ordan
Age:: 21 moons
Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.26.16
Roleplayer:: Astral

About:: He is large and can be protective of the ones he trusts. He still searches for his lost family. He is large even for a male wolf and his voice is loud but soothing. He is very social, but respectable, and follows orders well.

Name:: Amara
Age:: 19 moons
Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 3.2.16
Roleplayer:: cana

About:: Amara is a stunning young she-wolf, with eyes the colour of emeralds. She is gentle of heart and very brave. Amara is extremely loyal to her pack and friends. She is a bit on the small side but she doesn't mind that, she is very agile and athletic, and enjoys the feeling of the wind whipping through her fur and she especially loves swimming, however Amara prefers to do these activities with company as it is much more fun. She left her old pack in search of a place with more opportunities to give her, so that she may prosper, and soon Amara found Dawn Pack's territory in which she asked to join and has now been a part of Dawn Pack for over a year.

Name:: Destiny
Age:: 16 moons
Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 2.11.17
Roleplayer:: Raine

About:: Destiny is a loyal hunter, she knows when to attack the weak prey, but she always listens to others. Destiny is kind, brave, and smart, thanks to these traits she is able to hunt and more. Destiny will always help, even if there is a big predator. For Destiny it would be better if the alpha let her take care of some pups, Destiny is a good babysitter so she is protective. Destiny always wants friends and teamwork. She will always care about others.

Name:: Thorn

Age:: 36 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 2.7.17

Roleplayer:: Fenris

About:: Thorn is a male wolf with a bright red pelt and bright green eyes. He is about 5'7" in length and 194lbs in weight. He stands at about 2'9" at the shoulder making him only slightly above the average height. He is gentle and caring for those he considers friends and family and will do anything to safeguard them or to comfort them. He gets irritated of a wolf is being overly aggressive, one of his friends or faimily is being hurt, or when a wolf uses dishonorable methods to win anything.

Name:: Ezra

Age:: 38 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 5.26.17

Roleplayer:: Ezra

About:: Ezra is a warm-hearted and humorous wolf, he comes off to be proud and smug, he tends to tease pups and be playful toward them.. However, under his humour filled personality he holds an extreme loyality and defensive for others he cares about. Ezra can be responsible when he needs to be, he is able to be trusted however some may not find his fun nature to be responsible until they learn his other side. Along with his personality he has a light coat of browns, greys and creamy-whites along with stunning amber eyes. He's cunning and swift on his feet and has a strong enough bite, he tends never to hunt more than he needs.

Name:: Nova

Age:: 30 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 5.27.17

Roleplayer:: Nova

About::  Nova is a well mannered and brave wolf, she is quiet responsible however at times she can be easily frustrated. She is forward going and her pelt is a cream colour, with tinges of brown and her eyes are amber. She's swift on her feet and is great at tracking down however her bite isn't too strong.

Name:: Asher

Age:: 34 moons

Sex:: Dog

Date Added:: 6.7.17

Roleplayer:: Asher

About:: Asher hasn't had the best past, barely escaping his last pack with his life. He had to grow up without help, this has made him into a very tough and brave wolf. It may be a little hard for him to trust others sometimes, but once he does he is the most loyal wolf around. He would do anything for those he is close to. He isn't exactly the fastest wolf, but he isn't the slowest either, and what he lacks in strength he makes up for with his strength and intelligence.

Name:: Eloquence

Age:: 34 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 6.12.17

Roleplayer:: 𝔰𝔥𝔦𝔳 & 𝔢𝔩𝔬𝔮𝔲𝔢𝔫𝔠𝔢

About:: Eloquence has an interesting pelt, one that is riddled with soft grays and light browns in the classic wolf pattern. Her paws are a darker brown, almost black in color. Her nose is a matching blackish-brown color like her paws. Her eyes are a soft hazel brown. She has a thick frame with large paws and shoulders. She is very fit, loving to hunt and finds more thrill than most in the chase of her prey. Eloquence is a sweet and passionate wolf, eager to meet new wolves from all packs. She is a very curious type of wolf and is daring to try new things even if she's scared. She is the type that doesn't like to let others know she is scared and will try very hard to cover it. She has an open mind to everything and has a passion for learning new things. She is a strict believer in innocence in all wolves until proven guilty. She has a bit of a fiery personality when it comes to someone disagreeing with her views on others because she is very loyal to her friends. Should she befriend a wolf, she will stand by their side until she is given a reason to distrust. She’s relatively obedient, but she will never do something she feels is wrong.

Pups-In-Training [6-12 moons]


(treat as npcs)

Pups [0-6 moons]

Name:: Sky

Age:: 3 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 2.26.16

Roleplayer:: Blaze

About:: Sky is kind and friendly, although she can become shy around wolves she doesn't know. Sometimes she likes to lay down and look at the sky, watching the clouds move. She also likes to run a lot.

Name:: Ayiana (meaning: eternal blossom)

Age:: 1 moon

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 7.12.16

Roleplayer:: Astral

About:: Shy, happy, and caring.

Name:: Breath

Age:: 1 moon

Sex:: She-wolf

Date Added:: 10.3.16

Roleplayer:: Korudo

About:: Breath has a very strong personality, despite being young. She loves other she-wolves, but has a slight tendency to avoid dogs, due to a terribly violent father. She will do what she's told if she must, but usually focuses on her climbing and hiding skills, as she is such an introvert that sometimes she struggles to be close to others.

Omegas [6-110 moons]


(treat as npcs)

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