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male ➼ pack member ➼ nightpack ➼ 68 moons (5 years+)

"Shiv is slang for a knife or any other small cutting/stabbing weapon, often homemade."

Description ➼

Shiv is a burly wolf with a scarred, black timber-wolf patterned pelt. His pelt is thick and well-kept for an older wolf like himself. He is very focused on keeping his muscles taut and strong, so he’ll often volunteer to go on hunts or defend the territory. He is a rather big wolf compared to the average, but age has withered at his skeleton and muscle so he’s began to look scrawnier than he used to. His eyes are a bright amber, matching the typical Nightpack genes, which he was born and raised in.

Personality ➼

He’s always been a rambunctious, cocky wolf and has yet to settle down with a female that can handle his temper or ego. He is very prideful in his pack and believes there is no better pack than Nightpack. Everyone else is weak in his eyes. From the age of a pup, he was taught to give the utmost respect to his pack mates, so he’ll try his hardest to believe in each pack mate before he dislikes them. Even then, he’d still defend them and give his all to protect them.



female ➼ pack member ➼ dawnpack ➼ 34 moons (3+ years)

“Eloquence is fluent or persuasive speaking; silver-tongue.”

Description ➼

Eloquence has an interesting pelt, one that is riddled with soft grays and light browns in the classic wolf pattern. Her paws are a darker brown, almost black in color. Her nose is a matching blackish-brown color like her paws. Her eyes are a soft hazel brown. She has a thick frame with large paws and shoulders. She is very fit, loving to hunt and finds more thrill than most in the chase of her prey.

Personality ➼

Eloquence is a sweet and passionate wolf, eager to meet new wolves from all packs. She is a very curious type of wolf and is daring to try new things even if she's scared. She is the type that doesn't like to let others know she is scared and will try very hard to cover it. She has an open mind to everything and has a passion for learning new things. She is a strict believer in innocence in all wolves until proven guilty. She has a bit of a fiery personality when it comes to someone disagreeing with her views on others because she is very loyal to her friends. Should she befriend a wolf, she will stand by their side until she is given a reason to distrust. She’s relatively obedient, but she will never do something she feels is wrong.

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Reply ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ
1:47 PM on June 10, 2017 
[✓] Your character has been added. (From now on any future characters you create will be added without needed replying.)
Reply ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ
4:50 AM on June 10, 2017 
[2/2] Thanks for the reply. Once you begin RPing I'll add your wolf to its page.
Reply ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ
9:29 PM on June 8, 2017 
[1/2] Your wolf was submitted to the join forum awhile ago, before adding it I need to get a reply from you. (a lot of people submit their wolves and then never come back on)
Reply Raine
9:42 AM on June 8, 2017 
Ayyyyy Hi! You deserve a welcome! Welcome to the site! Enjoy! :D