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About Me

Name: Astral


Gender: She-wolf


Age: 21 moons


Rank: Pack member


About: Astral is a she-wolf. She has an earthy colored coat with very thick fur and her eyes are two different colors. One blue and one brown. She is slightly above average build for a she-wolf.


Name:: Ordan

Age:: 21 moons

Sex:: Dog

About:: He is large and can be protective of the ones he trusts. He still searches for his lost family. He is large even for a male wolf. His voice is loud but soothing. He is very social but respectable and follows orders well.


Name:: Indrik

Age:: 22 moons

Sex:: Dog

About:: Indrik is large even for male wolves. His coat is thick and his muscles are strong. He has a deep voice and a proud stance. His large build makes him strong enough to bring down big prey and even though he looks rough deep down if he cares enough for another wolf he can be as gentle as a newborn pup.


Name: Lira

Sex: she-wolf

Rank: Healer in training

Age: 18 moons

About: Lira is quiet but observant. She is good with other wolves when they need help and she is a good hunter and gatherer. She has a multicolor pelt and brown eyes. She is normal in stature which makes her quick on her paws.


Name:: Anisah

Age:: 25 moons

Sex:: She-wolf

Rank: Member

About:: Anisah is a well-built she-wolf. She has and earthy colored pelt but her eyes are an icy blue. She was born outside of Dawn pack but joined when she was around 15 moons. She has been a diligent pack member doing her share of the work and hunting. She doesn't socialize much. She just quietly moves about barely being noticed.


Name:: Ayiana (meaning: eternal blossom)

Age:: 1 moon

Sex:: She-wolf

Rank: Dawn Pack Pup

About:: Shy, happy, and caring.


Name: Silver (loner)

About: Silver is a she-wolf with shining gray eyes, maybe even silver. She has a pure white coat with some faint black markings on her neck that look like she has a necklace. She is well built for a female but smaller than a male. Silver is around 24 moons.

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Reply Lotus Co.
5:02 PM on December 17, 2017 
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2:25 AM on November 2, 2016 
hope you had a good birthday
Reply ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ
2:49 AM on September 23, 2016 
Ordan's picture doesn't seem to be working on the Dawn Pack page. Do you happen to still have a link to it?