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Hello. I'm Sherlock.

Things about the Rare Sherlock:

I do puny things, because they CLAW people's eyes out.

((Sorry, puns make me bark up the wrong tree.))

I've been Roleplaying since 2k14

I like voice acting and really any performing or musical arts.

Mehh yeah

My wolves:

Livyathan ((Livy)): A Hebrew name meaning "coiled, twisted in folds, wreathed." In the bible, this is the name of a demonic water dragon.

History: Livyathan was born in a den in Fire Pack. From there, Livyathan lived a happy life with her mother and father. Then things turned around, her mother and father died and Livyathan was to fend for herself.

All though Livyathan had her pack, she still had to do some work. 

Now at 14 moons, she lives on, her parent's death still weighing her down but keeps going on this Rollercoaster called life.

Personality: Livyathan is a quiet wolf. She is very shy when you first meet her. Livyathan rarely speaks to wolves she doesn't know. After you've befriended Livyathan, she is charismatic and loving. Livyathan is very helpful and do whatever you need done. Livyathan does what she needs to do.

Livyathan also has a dark side to her. She is protective when she needs too and isn't afraid to draw blood. Livyathan is determined and will fight for her loved ones.

She has a, "If you want to get to them, you'll have to get through me..and it won't be easy" mentality.

Appearance: Livyathan has slick Amber fur. Her eye color are as pure as the sun. Livyathan is very fluffy. With a soft coat and pure eyes, it makes her a beautiful wolf. Don't be fooled by her looks, Livyathan can be aggressive but mostly friendly. 

Zelda: The name of the character of the popular game, The Legends of Zelda.

History: Zelda has lived in Whisper Pack for her whole life. She always wanted to break out of her shell but has never had the courage. Zelda has then found the joy of adventuring. Of course, when adventuring, Zelda lurks in the shadows. Never to be seen.

Personality: Zelda is courageous and brave, yet silent but introverted. Zelda rarely fights but will protect the ones she cares for. Zelda keeps to herself, barely talking to any wolf. If you be friend her Zelda is usually friendly. With her adventuring gives her a lot of knowledge of the outside world. Zelda is wise and if you need help with mapping (etc) ask her, she can tell all.

Appearence: Zelda has blue eyes like the sky. Her fur is a Snow White with grey patches. Zelda has grey patches on her ears and paws. 


((Woo Go long bios!))

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Reply Blaze
9:53 AM on September 12, 2016 
How did you know this was me? XD