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27 years old
Shhh it's a secret..or is it..
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I'Zeria Tay

Name: I'Zeria Tay

Age: 80 moons

Voice: Scarlett Johansson

Story: I'Zeria is unsure about a lot in her life, although she is never unsure about the wolf she wants to be. Fierce, strong, and unwilling to back down from anything. Most of what she can remember before her life in the Fire Pack is painful, to say the least. Before she was a lone wolf fierce and protective of her mate and young pup. But a sad day brought that all to an end when a rock slide came from the tall hills near where she and her mate were hunting. They had made a den near the hills where the pup was sleeping while they went off to hunt. Without a second thought, she darted back toward the den her mate right on her tail as they raced to get their pup out of harm's way. Sadly they didn't make it and the rocks continued to fall. I'Zeria didn't want to give up she attempted to continue towards the den location only to feel her mate smash into her side. She let out a yelp as a rock nicked her muzzle and she crashed out of reach of the falling rocks. She watched as a larger rock came down upon her mate. Every urge she had told her to help him to keep fighting, but she couldn't seem to make herself get up. She felt the wet warmth on her muzzle and realized as she blacked out the rock had hit her not only on the muzzle but the top of the head as well. When she came back to alertness her fears were answered her mate buried in stones and no sign of her pup anywhere. She howled out in pain and loss, she was truly alone now she blamed herself. Her mate had tried to get her and the pup to join a pack where they would be safe and better-taken care of. The strength of the pack would have kept her pup safe as she was hunting, instead, she stubbornly disagreed about the lack of safety in their small group. She harshly demanded that they were fine on their own and refused to join a pack, but now her mate dead and her pup missing, and herself injured she needed to find a pack. With great sorrow and anger in her soul, she forced herself to get up and leave the destruction behind her. She searched for a pack carefully trying to decide what would be best for her. She was a fighter, strong, and stubborn in her ways. She fought for her right to join the fire pack, that was their way it seemed, but still even after fighting her way in she was still tested for what seemed like a very long time until it was realized she would be loyal to the pack. Her soul still called out for her lost mate and missing pup even still to this day. She moved on and continues to move forward for her own sake she must survive.


Name: TShieka(Means mirror image/torn reflection)

Nickname: Shie

Sex: Shewolf

Rank: Healer-in-training

Age: 10moons

Voice: Demi Lovato

Mie(Black Fur) & Ty(Tan/Brown Fur)

Sex: (Mie She-wolf) (Ty Dog)

Rank: Pups-In-Training

Age: 9 moons

Voices: Mie~Elle Fanning Ty~Jaden Smith

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Reply Cana
11:56 AM on May 30, 2017 
Hey Nova,
If you don't reply within about two weeks (by June 9th) your characters will be moved into the inactive characters part of the forum. The characters at risk are:
-Mie (NP)
-Ty (NP)
-TShieka (WP)
Reply Raine
8:32 AM on April 17, 2017 
Yeah. Happy Easter!
Reply Raine
10:44 AM on April 16, 2017 
Hi there!!!! Lol, you have my Wolf's name! :D
Reply ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ
3:05 AM on April 16, 2017 
[✓] Your character has been added. (From now on any future characters you create will be added without needed replying.)
Reply ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ
3:05 AM on April 16, 2017 
[2/2] Thanks for the reply. Once you begin RPing I'll add your wolf to its page.
Reply ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ
3:04 AM on April 16, 2017 
[1/2] Your wolf was submitted to the join forum awhile ago, before adding it I need to get a reply from you. (a lot of people submit their wolves and then never come back on)
Reply Korudo
7:33 AM on April 15, 2017 
Hey! Maybe definitely kinda late, but welcome to the site! I was scrolling in your info, and your backstory is AMAZING.