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New Rules!

Basically everyone in staff has been a total pushover up to this point. We're finally setting down some ground rules. Don't be intimidated, we won't purge you right off the bat if you break a new regulation, but restrictions/suspensions/bans will now be implemented. Hopefully with those things a possibility, people will be more motivated to follow the rules!

1. Read the rules.

Failing to uphold the following conditions may result in the suspension, restriction, or removal of your account.

2. No extreme profanity.

Let’s keep the site PG-13. That being said, this site isn’t child-friendly, that’d be no fun. You can swear where you feel is appropriate. But if you think it’s too explicit for a new teen, don’t do it.

3. Keep OOC (out of character) conversation in the RP forums to the very minimal.

You can talk about other stuff in parenthesis only if it’s attached to an RP post. Don’t clutter the forums.

4. Your character can not join the pack as a loner unless you've asked staff.

If you’ve made a new character, begin roleplaying them as if they've always been in the pack. You can ONLY have your wolf try to get accepted into the pack if you’ve been approved by staff.

5. Your character cannot enter another pack's territory without staff permission.

If the permission is given, do not magically show up with your character in the other pack's camp. Post in the territory first to see if your wolf will be stopped.

6. Your character can not travel unrealistic distances.

Ex. Traveling to another pack’s territory and back home all in one day with time to spare. Better yet, in five minutes.

7. Your posts must be at least three sentences or two lines, whichever is longer.

One sentence posts are not acceptable. This is an intermediate RP site, some effort and creativity must be put into your posts.

8. Please respect the staff.

Again, this is an intermediate RP site for teens+. Being disrespectful, rude, and/or arguing with staff is not tolerated here.

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9. Your wolf’s appearance must be realistic.

No giant hulk wolves. No red eyes. No blue eyes. If you are not familiar with how wolves naturally look, you can check out this forum.

10. Use correct grammar and punctuation.

Everyone has typos once in awhile, but if there is an abundance of mistakes in your post you will receive a warning/strike. If you are notified enough times your account will be suspended. If you need any writing tips please contact the staff.

11. No godmodding (your character can do practically anything without limits).

Your character is not all-powerful. You cannot dodge every attack. You can not take down a whole pack on your own.

12. No powerplaying (controlling the characters of others).

You can not injure, kill, bring along, or speak for another character. Basically, completely keep your hands off the character if it isn’t yours. For fighting, you can say you’re aiming to do something, but you can not do anything to a character that isn’t yours. If you’re familiar with the person you’re roleplaying with, and you know they don’t mind if you govern their character a bit, only then may integrate it into your post. If you're not completely sure the other player would mind, just shoot them a PM to ask about it. (Example: Person 1: hey man can my char slap yours? Person 2: sure bruh slap the heck outta my wolf)

13. Hunt realistically.

Your character can not take down an elk on their own. Hunt with the pack. Even with a pack full of wolves hunting, they may not catch anything. This will be considered godmodding from now on.

14. No gender stereotypes/sexism.

Wolves do not have gender. They don’t think females are lesser than males. Males being ‘pretty’ isn’t weird. Only two strikes will be issued for this rule before a suspension or ban.

15. Try to match your writing partner’s post length.

Did the person you’re roleplaying with give you five lines worth? Try to give around that amount back. It’s not very polite if someone gives you a few paragraphs and you give them one sentence back, is it?

16. No extreme gore.

Keep your intestines inside you, thanks.

17. No mating scenes or explicit talk of mating.

If you wanna RP sexy fun times, do it in PMs. Don’t start doing the deed in the middle of the forums. Fade to black and continue it where it’s not public.

18. Only wolves in the wolf packs.

You can have other canid characters as loners only. Your fox can not join a pack.

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19. Wolves do not understand major human concepts. 

They may begin to understand things such as keeping livestock, but they don’t understand TV, religion, writing, etc.

20. Keep your signatures simple. 

No overly flashy or long signatures. The purpose of this site is to RP, not look super cool. 

21. Don’t cause unnecessary romance drama.

Just because another character is being friendly, doesn’t mean that they’re your character’s soulmate. Platonic relationships exist, have you heard? Also, don’t try to get in between people who have decided ahead of time to have their wolves be mates. Unless you’ve messaged them, of course. Please don’t get overdramatic and upset over being told no about being mates with a certain wolf. You may have seen a romance, where the other player saw simply a friendship.

22. Respect the ranking system!

Don't mouth off to higher ranks (beta, alpha, healer). If your character has a spitfire personality, and you want them to have drama with a higher rank, it’d be appreciated if you’d message the roleplayer of the higher rank and allow them to discipline your character. It can often be frustrating when a character is being blatantly disrespectful to a high rank, but the high rank feels they can’t punish them since powerplaying is against the rules. Also, understand that the treatment of omegas, while it can be cruel, is realistic.

23. Roleplay in third person.

This site uses third person (he/she/it/they) only for RP. Not first person (I/we) or second person (you). We aren’t our characters, after all.

24. Keep unusual spooky stuff in the SN forums.

Do you want your character to understand major human concepts, like religion? Wear clothes? Have powers? Wings? Be an unnatural color? Get outta the regular pack forums pal, and stick your character here.

25. Play nice.

Hate the character, not the player. If another player is sassing off on you and you don't appreciate it, please contact staff. Let's try to keep interactions between fellow players respectful.

26. If you're bored, do something about it yourself.

Is no one on? Are you a lone wolf of 2AM? Instead of spamming around trying to find someone to reply to your one sentence post, get creative yourself to ease your boredom. Make a lengthy RP post. Check out the forum games. Make your characters some interesting backstories. Lurk around here. Send Corn some late-night philosophical ramblings.

27. Advertising stays in the advertising forums.

Advertising for other sites can be found here. Please don't campaign around elsewhere, it will result in a strike. The mod in charge of advertising is inactive, if you have any questions about it, you can contact me for the time being.

28. No Spamming.


29. If you are a new member (less than two weeks) you can only create two characters.

This gives staff time to see what type of RPer you are, gives you time to get to know the site better, and time for any kinks to be worked out. After your two week mark you can create up to your six allowed. If you feel you are ready for more characters before your first two weeks are up, contact staff.  If you have read all the rules please comment, "Can you survive?"

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If you have any questions, concerns, or anything at all, feel completely free to contact me.

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FAQ: link
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