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For aging on this site we use moons.

moons = months


  • wild wolf lifespans vary dramatically
  • average wild wolf lifespan: 6 years/72 months - 8 years/96 months
  • some wild wolves can reach 13 years/156 months

     Wolf Age       to   Human Age    (aka if your wolf was a human—this is how old it'd be)


0.5 years/6 months = 12 human years


1 year/12 months = 15 human years


2 years/24 months = 24 human years


3 years/36 months = 28 human years


4 years/48 months = 32 human years


5 years/60 months = 36 human years


6 years/72 months = 40 human years 


7 years/84 months = 44 human years          wolves usually die around these ages


8 years/96 months = 48 human years


9 years/108 months = 52 human years


10 years/120 months = 56 human years


11 years/132 months = 60 human years


12 years/144 months = 64 human years


13 years/156 months= 68 human years         can live to be this old

Keep in mind that for most of human history, the average human lifespan was considerably less than 50 years old.

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Posts: 2183

also I'll just repost this from the home page because I'm so nice


Alpha Male: The wolf who produces pups with the Alpha Female only, who is usually
their mate.
Male leader.
(30-90 moons)
Alpha Female: The wolf who produces pups with the Alpha Male only, who is usually
 their mate.
Female leader.
(30-90 moons)

Beta: Second in command. Leads the pack when the Alphas are busy or not present.
May try to challenge the Alpha of their sex or both Alphas to become the Alpha.
(20-70 moons)

Healer: Heals injuries and illnesses. Cannot have a mate for they must be
completely focused in their work. Usually the peace-keepers of the pack.
(15-90 moons)

Healer-in-training: Same age as pup-in-training. They are taught by the healer
and they become the healer once the previous dies. Once they are fully trained
they are basically a second healer.
(6-15 moons)

Pack Members: Normal wolves of the Pack. They may try to take control of the
Pack by challenging the Alpha of their sex or the Beta. They can specialize in
hunting, fighting, or being messengers.
(12-110 moons)

Pups-in-training: Wolves that are younger than pack members. They can be trained
by any pack member.
(6-12 moons)

Pups: Newborn wolves that are not allowed outside of camp. They are usually the
offspring of the Alphas if a pack has both a female and male Alpha that are mates,
and is settled in peace. The Alphas decide whether or not other wolves are
allowed to have pups beside them.
(0-6 moons)

Omegas: The glue of the pack. The last ones to eat, dominated, and occasionally have the
anger of the other wolves vented on them. These wolves are usually handicapped or
have done something immoral in their pack's eyes to be lowered to this rank, but
can also be here due to being dominated by a wolf of their former rank. Despite
their low rank they are extremely important to the pack. They keep peace and keep
 down tensions, often taking the initiative in playing.
(12-110 moons)

If a wolf hasn't died by 110 moons of age they are considered retired and are
usually cared for by the pack.
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