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All names currently in use by characters are listed alphabetically below. You may want to search for a name
you're thinking of using for your new character if you don't want to have the same name as another. 
NP= NightPack
DP= DawnPack
WP= WaterPack
FP= FirePack
WHP= WhisperPack
L= Loner
SN= Supernatural 




Ace (FP)

Aella (NP)

Aisuru (WP)

Alec (FP)

Amara (DP)

Angel (WHP)

Aquaethir (L)

Arastos (FP)

Archer (SN)

Asher (DP)

Astral (DP)

Avichai (SN)

Ayiana (DP)

Blaze (FP)

Blaze (WP)

Bodolf (NP)

Breath (DP)

Brooke (WP)

Bullet (FP)

Cain (NP)

Convel (L)

Dark Silence (WHP)

Dawn (L)

Deriva (WP)

Desaparecido (FP)

Destiny (DP)

Duchess (NP)

Duke (NP)

Eclipse (NP)

Element (WP)

Elena (SN)

Eloquence (DP)

Enigma (DP)

Enyo (WHP)

Eric (WP)

Evelina (SN)

Ezra (DP)

Fenris (FP)

Haven (NP)

Hemlock (WHP)

Heylel (SN)

I'Zeria Tay (FP)

Ice (WHP)

Iris (WP)

Jaeger (FP)

Jasin (WHP)

Jinx (WHP)

Juniper (NP)

Kari (WHP)

Karma (FP)

Kashiko (WP)

Kenji (WP)

Khaalida (SN)

Kira (L)

Knight (WHP)

Korudo (NP)

Lily (WHP)

Lira (DP)

Lucifer (SN)

Lucretia (SN)

Maize (DP)

Mie (NP)

Mystery (WHP)

Mystic (WHP)

Nova (DP)

Nova (WHP)

Onyxia (NP)

Ordan (DP)

Plivati (WP)

Pythios (SN)

Rahu (NP)

Raine (FP)

Ramses (FP)

Reina (WHP)

Rema (FP)

Rosabela (FP)

Ryker (NP)

Sasha (NP)

Sephar (WP)

Shiv (NP)

Silver (L)

Sitka (WHP)

Sky (DP)

Skye (L)

Sköll (FP)

Spirit (FP)

Stone (WHP)

Storm (DP)

Swift (WP)

TShieka (WP)

Taichi (SN)

Tanodun (SN)

Teddy (NP)

Thana (SN)

Thanatos (WHP)

Thorn (DP)

Ty (NP)

Umbra (WHP)

Vanilla (L)

Vanity (WHP)

Velox (WP)

Winter (L)

Xochitl (L)

Único (L)

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