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This nahual—a shapeshifting creature from the dark—is primarily wolf in form, having been born as such and preferring it most of the time. She has taken up dark magic; her strongest form of magic are her black/purple flames and shadows that she controls, they seem to surround her and bend to her will. She is irritable, charismatic, and seemingly apathetic towards things in general. When fighting this wolf her usual apathy disappears to reveal something fierce, extremely deadly, and difficult to touch.

Power: Dark Magic; Level 7

Roleplayer: ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ




25 moons old. Don't be fooled, although seemingly gentle this dark male has a particularly mean streak. He loves nothing more than cause chaos wherever he is. Telepathy is his strongest power, being able to use his mind to achieve almost anything, from creating a mental shield to protect himself against other powers, to creating illusions that can cause severe physical damage. Another power this creature possess is being able to change into spirit form, when he is like this, it becomes almost impossible to harm him, his powers are also stronger in this form, however, he cannot speak directly, only through his mind. Although he is very powerful, this dark male does have some drawbacks; when using his psychic shield his energy is drained, causing him to be more vulnerable to attacks. Reserved, independent and proud are his strongest characteristics. Although he is cruel and barbaric, this male does not lie for he has no reason to.

Power: Telepathy; Level 10

Power: Shapeshifting; Level 7

Roleplayer: Cana



(Name meaning: Light) 20 moons old. Her length is 5.5 feet and her height from paw to shoulder is 26 inches. This young female truly loves to be alone more often than not; due to the fact she isn't well skilled in the art of fighting. A true escape artist, the power over light she has blinds her attackers and prey for her to strike or make a fast getaway. A powerful trickster, using her illustrations to create others' worst fears or random things she wishes to use against them. Her illusions feel very real but sadly once they know it isn't real, they cause no damage. Other than that she loves to explore the forests and sing soft melodies. Her weakness is her illustrations do to how much power they use. Her personality is shy and funny, she can also be very clumsy.

Power: Light Manipulation; Level 1

Power: Illusions; Level 2

Roleplayer: Silent_Song


Elena (el-ay-na)


Elena is a young werewolf who is the sole survivour of a terrible fire that destroyed most of her home and killed her whole family. They lived among humans, staying in their human form except for on full moons when, as part of their tradition, they would go on a moon run. Most of her family could control their shift easily, the only exceptions being the newly bitten and young children who were still learning. Unfortunately for Elena she was still only a child when the fire happened so now she still struggles on the full moon with controlling her shift and when her emotions get the better of her. This became a problem for her as she would often find herself waking up in the middle of a field covered in blood; scared that she was hurtng people Elena ran away and now spends most of her time in her wolf form, wondering the forests. The only thing she has left of her family is a pendant of their packs' symbol; a triskele, which she always wears around her neck, no matter what form she takes. 18 moons (wolf), 19 years (human).

Power: Earth abilities (Healing, manipulation of earth materials, etc.); Level 7

Roleplayer: Cana


Heylel (hey-lay-el)


(Name meaning: Star of the morning)  In appearance Heylel seems to be about 25 moons old but don't let his youthful appearance fool you, Heylel is actually much older, having been around since the very first wolves walked this Earth. Heylel is a fallen angel with jet black fur and beautiful white wings. When stretched out fully this male's wings can reach a wingspan of 15ft, easily enough to encompass himself in with room to spare. When he was still an angel Heylel was one of the most powerful in the whole garrison, the only angel more powerful than himself was his brother Michael. When Heylel 'fell', it was Michael, his once beloved older brother who turned on him and cast him out. This caused Heylel to become bitter and hateful. After all, if you can't trust your brother who can you trust? During his 'fall' Heylel's wings had burned away until the once magnificent appendages were left unrecognizable; charred and falling apart. However as time passed his wings re-grew and now looked even more beautiful with a strange new power to accompany them. Heylel's wings could now catch alight with powerful flames that he could use during fights and to defend himself in certain situations. Sometimes he can be seen in the night sky with his wings stretched out and alight, a truly magnificent sight. Heylel also has another ability of being able to hear prayers, but this comes from the male being a former angel.

Power: Burning wings; Level 8

Roleplayer: Cana



Archer is male wolf with light blue eyes and a dark silver color for the rest of his body from head to tail. His height is about 38 inches at the shoulder and he has a substantial weight of 150lbs, which makes him a decent sized wolf above the average, but not too far above it. His total length from the tip of his nose to his tail is 7 feet. He ages 39 Moons. He is generally relaxed and nice to most others and is extremely fascinated with other powers, not to mention those that can resist his own. His own powers include teleportation, which he uses to catch other by surprise and attack extremely quickly. This is his favorite ability and he tends to use it in most fights. With his teleportation ability, he is able to "blink" short distances in less than a second. With intense concentration, he could teleport to previous locations he holds a positive attachment to, or teleport a long distance within his line of sight. His second ability is an extreme healing factor which acts automatically when he is hurt, it heals any wound in a matter of seconds and prevents him from getting any sickness and even slows his aging. His third and final ability is a ability similar to that of mind control. Through concentration, he can command someone to perform any action he so chooses if his will overpowers theirs or they lack a guarded mind. He may also do less serious mind control like planting subtle urges in someone's mind and so forth.

Power: Teleportation; Level 10

Power: Extreme Healing Factor; Level 10

Power: Mind Control; Level 10

Power: Omniscience; Level 10

Power: Omnificence; Level 10

Roleplayer: Fenris




(Name meaning: immortal deathless) Khaalida is a winged vilkacis (meaning 'wolf eyes'), a Latvian wolf shapeshifter which are usually evil but occasionally offer treasures. Unlike the majority of her other vilkacises, Khaalida focuses on tricks and mirth, instead of destruction and villainous. Perhaps this it has something to do with her wings, not seen on the species up her point. Her trickery in the name of fun wasn't taken well by the rest of the Vilkacis, and she was eventually cast out of their main underground city. Khaalida took it in stride, exploring and hoaxing the lands.

Notwithstanding her merriment and exile from the Vilkacis, she has always carried a form of evil with her, her obsession with death. She is able to sense and tell the exact time someone is to die, and takes great pleasure in knowing so. Despite her trickster and non-serious attitude, she does have a breaking point, and the wickedness of her kind can be seen in her apperance if she's pushed too far. She's never cared for the legends of fear the Vilkacis are known for, and always strays away from destruction unless she feels it is her only option.

Power: Death Sense; Level 8

Roleplayer: ᴍᴀɪᴢᴇ


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Posts: 2183



Pythios is a young werewolf of sixteen years, bitten seven years ago when he was just nine, while cutting through the forest on his way home from school. Earning a scar on his right shoulder that marked the turn of his lycanthropy, he also suffers from burn scars on his arms and on the left side of his face from escaping a fire on the orphanage he lived in the tender age of nine. Loyal to himself, he learned early on that he has to depend on himself for nobody would look out for his needs after his parents died. Trusting nobody and viewing others with suspicion, he secretly craves a friend he can turn to who still stick by him despite being a scarred monster and keeps his heart closed for fear of it being broken.

Power: Dark; Level 1

Roleplayer: Pythios



Tanodun is a black wolf with shiny light blue markings and has three tails. He looks blind, but he just has full cyan eyes. He is very dominant and aggressive, but can be friendly. He has a Demon name, because how he looks like, he looks like a Demon. He likes to be alone in darker places and likes to scare others. He is quiet and sometimes shows up in storms or in the Abandoned Village, he can have friends, but he likes wolves which almost act the same as him. He is always calm near others and likes water, he goes swimming when its night and its raining, that's his favorite thing to do while he is alone. He is friendly near others, so they don't need to always fight or annoy him many times. He hates stalkers, and if he will know that someone is stalking him, he would really want to teach them a lesson.

Power: Illusions; Level 2

Roleplayer: Raine


Avichai & Thana

(Name meanings: Father of life and Death) These two wolves are two sides of the same coin. Avichai and his twin sister, Thana, who are practically polar opposites of one another, yet they both make up one whole. Where Avichai is large and bulky with shimmering white fur, Thana is small and slender with a pitch black pelt. Together, these two wolves hold the power over life and death; able to create life and destroy it at a moments notice. However, despite this power, the two rarely cause any problems, and this is due to them balancing each other out. Avichai's calm and serene nature counteracts Thana's almost chaotic and destructive one. This particular attribute also transfers into their powers, without Thana, Avichai's power over life spirals out of control, creating life to the point where it destroys itself; this is the same for Thana, without Avichai, her power over death consumes her, causing everything around her to crumble into nothing. Over the years, they have managed to gain control of this and can now be apart from each other for a long time, however, the more time they spend apart, the harder their power is to control. A by-product of them being an integral part of each other's lives is that they can speak to each other without the use of words, and can to some degree feel the other's emotions and pain. Poisons don't affect these two, and neither does mind control thanks to their minds almost being linked, as if it were one. The two's appearances can also be quite deceiving as when they are not actively using their power, their eyes are completely normal, making it impossible to tell them apart from normal, everyday wolves without powers.

Avichai is generally a calm and quiet wolf, preferring to sit back and observe rather than get involved with anything. However this doesn't mean that he never talks or is anti-social, he is actually a rather pleasant wolf to be around, always bringing a sense of calm and serenity to those around him. Unlike Avichai, Thana is the more chaotic of the two, finding amusement in causing conflict between others. However, this trait is usually dulled when around her brother. Where Avichai brings serenity, Thana brings chaos, others usually becoming more destructive around her. She is very charismatic and a little bit flirtatious; shameless when it comes to pursuing something, or someone, she wants.

Powers: Life manipulation; Level 10, Death manipulation; Level 10

Roleplayer: Cana



(Nickname: Tai or Fire Wolf) Taichi, known as Fire Wolf, is a white wolf with fire-like amber eyes. His powers were gifted by his great brother Tadashi, well, since his brother Tadashi gave him the powers, something really bad happened while the process. An earthquake came to his homeland and destroyed his home, Tai with his brother were the only Fire Wolves that survived by running away, by realizing that the earthquake broke the process of Tai having Fire Level 5, so it happened to be that he has only Fire Level 1, but by time, one night Tadashi was gone, and Tai even today is still trying to find his brother. Since he has 2 Forms of being a Fire Wolf, he fears his strange form, which the Fire Wolves used to call 'Demonic Fire Form'. Tai hopes to see his brother again, and he hopes that he is not the only surviving Fire Wolf in this world.

Power: Fire; Level 1

Roleplayer: Raine

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