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The History of the Packs

The Beginning



  • Many moons ago, five wolves, siblings, and their mates came upon these lands. The eldest was Aurora (meaning: dawn), a wise she-wolf with a kind heart and a mother's ferocity. Next came Nox (meaning: night), a proud dog who never stood down and fell in love with the moon. Ignis (meaning: fire) was the third eldest, and he possessed a fiery temper and the strength to match it. Unda (meaning: wave, water, stream) followed, and while she was the most graceful, she was also the most strict. Lihim (meaning: secret) was the youngest sibling, and also the smallest. He kept to himself and was easily the most cunning of the family. The ten wolves settled in the middle of the territories, where they all met together.
  1. In the beginning, the ten wolves all lived together. As they grew older and more experienced, Lihim noticed their fracturing bonds. After all, many dominant personalities can never co-exist for long. The other four siblings ignored the tension, thinking that it would soon pass. Lihim took advantage. He wanted them to suffer for isolating him and his mate Canus, and resented them for their strong bonds with each other.
  2. Aurora had given birth to a litter of cubs, the first out of all of them. Nox's mate Verum(who was barren) coveted their joy. Aurora and Verum's relationship quickly became strained.
  • After recovering for her birthing, Aurora set out on a hunt with Nox, Ignis, and Lihim. They were also joined by Aurora and Ignis's mates, Nihil and Libitina. Unda remained behind with her mate Carmino, Verum, and Canus to watch Aurora's cubs.
  1. The pack hunted in a foggy forest of ash trees that was teeming with life despite the depressing weather conditions. During the third day of the hunt, Ignis startled the elk they had targeted after tripping over Nox's tail and the elk spooked. Nox and Ignis began to argue about whose fault it was and tensions rose higher than ever.
  2. Unknown to the wolves, a fire had started in the forest. It rapidly spread through the trees and soon reached the six of them. In the panic of the disaster, the six wolves were split up. No wolf could find another and the thick smoke rendered their senses useless.
  • After an unknown period of time, the wolves managed to regroup and make their way back to the den with no elk to speak of. Disaster had struck while they were gone. The cubs had all been murdered.
  1. Unda blamed Verum for the tragedy, claiming that the female's jealous thoughts had gone too far. Nox, being a good and loyal mate, stood up for Verum, despite all evidence pointing towards her. Aurora in her grief latched onto the idea and turned her fury on Nox's mate.
  2. Libitina sided with Verum (they were close friends) and was furious at Unda for suggesting that Verum had killed the pups.
  3. Grudgingly, Ignis agreed with Libitina. However, Nox blamed Ignis for the disaster of the hunt, and Ignis blamed Nox. They would not fight each other, but they wouldn't fight together either. 
  4. Aurora's wrath grew to include Unda as well for not protecting her pups. Aurora turned on Carmino and Canus as well.
  • The five siblings and their mates each retreated to a separate territory, deciding to make their own packs rather than remaining with each other.
  1. Aurora entered the den to grieve over her cubs and bring their corpses with her. When she did, she noticed the faint smell of smoke hanging in the air. Aurora ignored it, decided it was her own fur, and collected her slaughtered young.
  • And so, the siblings split up. 
  1. Aurora entered some flatlands and fruitful mountains with her mate and murdered cubs.
  2. Nox selected the marshy, thick forest for his home, drawn in by the long shadows. 
  3. Ignis retreated to the dry, fertile forest with Libitina
  4. Unda left with Carmino to cross the large river and make a home there. 
  5. Lihim, as the youngest, was left with the fog-infested plains, along with a torched graveyard of trees.


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Dawn Pack: the Reign of Aurora


Aurora: The first Alpha Female of Dawn Pack, known as the Gentle Protector or Great Mother.

Nihil: The first Alpha Male of Dawn Pack, referred to as the First Father.

Five Siblings: They were referred to as the Founders or the First Alphas.

Convergence Point: Where the five pack territories touch. This is also known as No Man's Land or Unclaimed Territory. It is considered an insult to all of the packs if one pack makes a move to claim it or if wolves fight on it.


  • On the 8th day of the 1st moon, the Five Siblings: Aurora, Nox, Ignis, Unda, and Lihim separated from each other, taking with them their mates and grudges. This day is known as the Great Separation (GS), and is used to judge time
  1. Aurora, gifted with a kind heart and great speed, selected for her and her mate the flatlands.
  • Together, Aurora and Nihil moved to what would be known as the Dawn Pack camp. The territory's borders were as follows:
  1. On the left side, First Alpha Lihim and his mate (Lady Canus). The lands are separated by hills.
  2. On the right side: First Alpha Nox and his mate (Lady Verum). The lands are separated by hills and the beginning on pine trees.
  3. In the back: Tall mountains provide a startling contrast to the rolling flatlands in front of and behind them.

  • First Alpha Aurora and Lord Nihil placed their denning area in a small valley with thin trees between two hills. Together, they dug out several small caves that would act as sleeping areas and lined the 'beds' with dry prairie grass, heather, and lavender.
  • They buried their murdered cubs at the top of the tallest mountain.
  • Soon, lone wolves and small packs began wander through their lands. Alpha Aurora and Lord Nihil began to recruit only the wolves who were quick on their feet and extremely versatile. They sent the rest on to the other four siblings. 
  1. They tested the wolves for speed and stamina with a long distance race. The wolves were told to run from the camp to the top of the nearest mountain without breaking pace. The first ten wolves were kept with the pack every race, and the rest were sent on.
  2. They tested versatility by pairing the ten wolves up with each other and holding five team exercises. After each exercise, the pairs would be mixed up. The pair that did the worst during the exercise was eliminated and sent on.

  • A she-wolf named Velox was established as the first Beta. Her mate, Piger, was a pack member.
  1. At this time, they had a newborn litter (see family tree).
  2. This set a precedent for having a female Beta (which was later changed by the influence of Fire Pack- to have a single beta of either sex).

  • On the 17th day of the 8th moon, in the second year of Aurora's reign (2 GS), two female pups were born to First Alpha Aurora and Lord Nihil.
  • Alpha Aurora decided to make it an unspoken rule that cubs were the most important members of Dawn Pack and to protect them at all costs. 
  1. This was the beginning of the teamwork mindset that modern Dawn Pack possesses.
  2. This day is now known as Cubs' Day in Dawn Pack, as a reminder of how valuable the youngest pack members are. It is also a celebration of the continuation of the royal Aurora-Nihil line.
  3. It is celebrated with a race from the Convergence Point to the Alpha Gravesite.

  • On the 10th day of the 5th moon, in the seventh year of Aurora's reign, the Great Mother Aurora passed away at the age of eleven years. She was succeeded by Velox and her intended Alpha Male, Piger.
  1. She was buried next to her first litter of cubs so that she might watch over them for all of eternity. This began what is now known as the Alpha Graveyard.
  • After Alpha Aurora's death, the pack went into a great mourning. During this time, Alpha Velox and Lord Piger sat vigil before the Great Mother's grave.
  1. This began a precedent for the death of an Alpha. The Pack is to go into a deep mourning for five days and five nights. The new Alpha pair is to sit vigil before their predecessor during this period. They are only to eat a single small mammal a day (each) and drink water.

  • Second Alpha Nihil retired from direct leadership and continued on acting as an advisor to the new Alpha pair.
  1. This set a precedent for the Alpha who remained to act as an Advisor after retirement until his or her death.
  • On the 15th day of the 5th moon, in the first year of Velox's reign (7 GS), Velox and Piger were sworn in as the Alpha pair, blessed by the pack and henceforth titled as First Alpha Velox and her Lord, the Second Alpha Piger.


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Night Pack: the Reign of Nox


Nox: First Alpha Male of Night Pack, known as the Moon Seeker

Verum: First Alpha Female of Night Pack, known for causing the Great Separation 

First Alpha: Whichever Alpha came before their mate in terms of promotion 

Second Alpha: The Alpha that was promoted by being the Alpha's mate; usually referred to as Lady or Lord.

Anise: An herb that provides the same effect on canines that catnip does to cats.


  • On the 8th day of the 1st moon, in the first year of Nox's reign (0 GS), the Five Siblings separated due to the murder of Aurora's three pups. After First Alpha Aurora claimed the flatlands for herself and her mate, First Alpha Nox departed with the Lady Verum to take the swamplands and thick, pine forests in search of the perfect moon-viewing spot.
  • Alpha Nox and Lady Verum moved to what is now modern-day Night Pack camp. The territory's borders are as follows:
  1. On the left side: First Alpha Aurora and her mate (Lord Nihil)
  2. On the right side: First Alpha Unda and her mate (Lord Carmino)
  3. In the back: After the pine forests thin out, there is flat country land, but no humans in sight for many miles.

  • Together, Alpha Nox and Lady Verum labored to build their dens amongst the boulders and trees. 
  1. They wove ferns and saltmarsh cordgrass, threaded with brambles and stinging nettles to create the boundaries of their home.
  2. The dens were created by roofing the areas in-between large rocks. The roofs were made with cattail stems as the base. Large, waxy leaves are held down by mud to cover the tops, which keeps the damp out. They must constantly be maintained and added to, which is a task assigned to trainees because they are the only wolves light enough to do the job without falling through.
  3. Moss acts as an insulator. It creates the flooring and is stuffed in the cracks of the roof. The moss is also packed into the cracks in the sides of the dens. This is also a duty that requires constant attendance.
  4. The 'nests' in which the wolves sleep in are created with saltmeadow cordgrass, common rush, and cattail fluff.

  • After lone wolves located Alpha Nox with requests to join, he decided to test them in order to decide which wolves were worthy of his pack.
  1. He tested them on their defense. He paired them up and set them to work. The wolves who were able to defend themselves from their partner's attacks until the sun touched the tops of the trees were allowed to stay, but the rest were sent on.
  2. Out of those who passed the first test, only those of dark pelts were kept and the rest were sent on.
  3. The remaining wolves were extremely proud of their success and later passed their stories down to their cubs. This is why, to this day, the wolves of Night Pack are filled with pride.

  • A dog named Vinco was established as beta. He did not take a mate until his promotion.
  • On the 24th day in the 6th month, in the second year of Nox's reign (2 GS), First Alpha Nox, and his Lady Verum were blessed with a single male cub.
  1. They named the cub Laurus, for they were victorious in their pursuits of a child.

  • Alpha Nox was in love with the moon. As a pup, he had been told a story by a loner. The loner spoke of the she-wolf Sasithorn who had been trapped in the moon.
  1. He selected had Verum as his mate due to her resemblance to the she-wolf within the moon.

  • In order to honor the moon wolf, he began a moon-viewing festival that would take place on the full moon in the late summer. The Alpha pair were to choose the date.
  1. The dogs were decorated by either their mate or closest she-wolf friend with "paintings" on their shoulders made by berry juice.
  2. The 'paintings' were essentially swirly lines and circles that were displayed on their flanks.
  • The pack is to remain awake for the day of and before the festival. 
  1. The day before is spend decorating and preparing a feast. The younger pack members are sent out to gather Anise as well as decorate Moonshine Swamp. 
  2. The older wolves are told to hunt and collect berries for painting.
  • The decorations used:
  1. Water lilies are set among the swamp waters as well as hung from trees. They must be picked during the day, as they close up during the night. They symbolize the purity and gracefulness of the moon-wolf Sasithorn.
  2. Asters, azaleas, and bachelor button are strung up in the trees surrounding the pond. Asters symbolize the daintiness of the moon wolf. Azalea represent the beauty and softness of the moon wolf. The bachelor button shows the love Nox holds for her.
  3. Forget-me-not are wrapped around the tree trunks, from ground level to the first branch.

  • In modern day Night Pack, a jokester pup-in-training will sneak a bouquet of geranium into the festivities and will present it to the First Alpha. (brownie points to you if you get the joke)
  • On the 19th day of the 12th month, in the sixth year of Nox's reign (6 GS), Lady Verum passed away. She was buried under the tallest tree in the Shadow Forest, beginning Night Pack's Moon Graveyard
  1. The spot where she (and later, Alpha Nox) was buried is always clothed in the moonlight when the moon reaches the highest point in the sky.

  • On the 4th day of the 7th month, in the seventh year of Nox's reign (7 GS), he retired from leadership. He remained in regency until the next full moon, when Beta Vinco was sworn in as First Alpha with his blessing.
  1. This set a precedent for the Alpha and Beta to only be sworn in during the full moon.


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Fire Pack: Reign of Ignis/Erroneous Epoch


Ignis: First Alpha Male of Fire Pack, known as the Foolhardy Combatant

Libitina: First Alpha Female of Fire Pack, known as the Ill-starred Mistress

Valdis: Libitina’s paramour/beloved, known as the Bard of Loving Life; believed to stain the pelts of Fire Packers so they’re never white


  • When the siblings separated in the first year of Ignis's reign, First Alpha Ignis and his Lady Libitina as the next eldest pair selected their territory third. First Alpha Aurora and her Lord Nihil took the flatlands and mountainous region and First Alpha Nox and his Lady Verum selected the marshlands and swamp region. Alpha Ignis and his Lady left to live in the forested territory.

  • Unlike with Nox, Ignis never considered the possibility that his Lady would not be able to produce cubs. As it stood, there was no reason for him to attempt to conceive cubs with Libitina.
  • While traveling and exploring their newfound territory, the Alpha pair attempted to produce cubs, but every attempt failed. Whether it was her athletic build or simply a genetic problem, Libitina was incapable of creating new life
  • Ignis was disturbed but despite deeply wanting lots of his own blood to create his pack he focused on helping to select a camp with his mate, although his bad temper left him occasionally snapping at Libitina.
  • The first Alpha pair of Fire Pack moved to what is now modern day Fire Pack's camp. The territory's boundaries are as follows:
  1. On the left side: First Alpha Lihim and his mate (Lady Canus)
  2. On the right side: First Alpha Unda and her mate (Lord Carmino)
  3. In the back: After the forest thins, Fire Pack's border ends. Beyond the border is a large field that goes on for miles.


  • They found a stony clearing with a large rock in it towards the west center (later known as Alpha's rock). The clearing was surrounded mostly by brambles, holly bushes, and some thistles. Together, Alpha Ignis and Lady Libitina drug thistle from the woods to the empty or less supported sections. This created a sharp, defensive boundary around the camp.
  • On the west side of the camp, a cliff leading up to highlands replaces the boundary.
  • Before the cliff section of the boundary begins, a stone flooring slopes upwards, leading up to a cave located about twenty feet above ground level. A scattering of large rocks and other footholds allow wolves to make their way to the cave. When Alpha Ignis and Lady Libitina found it, they deemed it their den and cleaned it out.
  • Led by their scent, a stunning, pure white she-wolf found her way to the Alpha pair. After learning that they were creating a pack, she requested if she might be allowed to join their budding pack. The wolf told them her name was Valdis and that after breaking her leg in a fall she needed protection.
  1. Alpha Ignis desired only strong and capable wolves in his ranks and, due to her injury, denied her entrance.
  2. Lady Libitina, on the other hand, was very interested in this alluring wolf who possessed the purest white fur that she had ever seen. Lady Libitina reassured Ignis that Valdis would be useful after healing. And so, grudgingly, the First Alpha agreed.

  • Over time, other lone wolves found their way into Fire Pack territory. Ignis tested them on their strength, obedience, and loyalty to him and the pack as a whole. The wolves he favored joined Fire Pack and the others were sent on. They left willingly, as Ignis was intimidating with his sour attitude.
  1. Alpha Ignis had been getting angry with the fact that Libitina was barren. He demanded that she stay in camp and fatten up, in hopes that she might produce for himself an heir. Libitina became uncomfortable and withdrawn due to her house arrest.

  • Valdis tried to cheer the alpha female up and make her enjoy life again. For many moons, Libitina was left in camp while her male counterpart recruited and trained her packmates. Valdis healed and Libitina grew to love her very much. Each day they found themselves growing inseparable. The two were never happier than when they were together.
  1. Many of the wolves saw how close the she-wolves were and not only respected Alpha Libitina, but Valdis as well, viewing her as second in command to the alphas.
  2. This begun the tradition of having a beta in Fire Pack to assist the Alpha pair.


  • One day Libitina was out of camp collecting herbs for Valdis' nearly healed leg. Valdis was left in the Alphas' den, where she had been chatting with Libitina.
  1. Lady Libitina had proven time and time again to be barren, and so Ignis continued to not have an heir to his name. His fiery temper had taken possession of his heart, leaving him in a constant foul mood.
  2. Lady Libitina refused to tell him of her relationship with Valdis, despite his strong suspicions. The useless wolf he had taken in was starting to gain power, to his dismay and fury.

  • Upon seeing Valdis in his den, his rage intoxicated him and he irrationally attacked the former loner.
  • When Libitina returned, she discovered Valdis' pure, white fur that Libitina had admired so completely drenched in deep, crimson blood.
  1. Despite all the different genes of Fire Packers their coats are never more than half white. Their fur is usually a reddish shade of brown.
  2. It is believed that Valdis' blood stains their coats to this day.


  • That night, Alpha Ignis slept alone in the Alphas' den, not expecting his sterile mate to do anything.
  1. In the tense silence of the camp that night, soft choking sounds could be heard throughout the camp.
  2. In the morning, the pack members disposed of Ignis' body; his head lolling from a crushed neck.
  3. Libitina set out to bury Valdis' body in a special place known only to her.

  • Second Alpha Libitina taught the pack that fighting was the most important skill to possess, so they could always protect their loved ones.
  1. Instead of the solemn reason the pack focused on fighting back then, modern Fire Pack have mixed the lessons of both Valdis and Libitina: to love fighting with their entire souls.
  2. They believe Valdis wouldn't want her love to be so uptight about her death, but to continue loving life.


  • Fire Packers hold a tournament once a year in which they fight each other in nonlethal conditions.
  1. The wolves who take part in the Tournament of Champions are called gladiators.
  2. The wolf who wins the final battle achieves the title of Champion. They are also allowed the first choice from the next generation of cubs for a trainee.
  3. There is typically a feast following the final round to celebrate lives well lived; the Champion is the guest of honor and sits with past Champions.
  4. The Alpha pair decides when the Tournament will take place.


  • The rock near the west center of the camp was where Alpha Libitina sat so that she could see far above the spiky walls of the camp. She was always keeping lookout in order to protect her pack.
  1. Today it's known as Alpha Rock.


  • Alpha Libitina's lone rule made it a precedent for one alpha to be able to rule alone.

  • On the 22nd day of the 12th moon, young Fire Pack trainees run throughout their territory and try to find the site of Valdis' burial.
  1. It is believed that whichever wolf finds it will be blessed by Valdis and will achieve happiness for the rest of their life.


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