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Fri. 1/23 All day Annabell's Birthday
Wish Annabell a happy birthday! 

Tue. 5/19 All day Nightfall and other's Birthday

Wish Nightfall and others a happy birthday!

Thu. 6/18 All day Cookie's Birthday
Wish Cookie a happy birthday!

Mon. 9/7 All day Silent_Song's Birthday
Wish Silent_Song a happy birthday!

Sun. 9/13 All day Clear Join forums

Deleting spam and submitted characters with characters already on the pages in the Join discussions

All day Edit site info

Correct grammar, spelling, and make descriptions on the pack pages and elsewhere more clear. Organize right columb on side of site. Etc.

All day aureus' birthday
Wish aureus a happy birthday!

Sat. 9/26 All day SITE CLEAN UP

Characters on the pack pages and pending characters in the join forums will be cleaned up. They will be stored in a category in the forums in case people come on later than this date wanting their characters back.

All day Theme song poll!

Suggested theme songs for the packs will be put into a poll so that everyone can vote on their favorite themes. 

Thu. 10/15 All day Silentnight's Birthday

Wish Silentnight a happy birthday!

Fri. 10/23 All day Join Threads Cleanout
Fri. 10/30 All day Join Threads Cleanout
Sat. 10/31 All day Halloween
Sun. 11/1 All day Marie's Birthday
Wish Marie a happy birthday! 

Fri. 11/6 All day Join Threads Cleanout
Fri. 11/13 All day Join Threads Cleanout
Fri. 11/20 All day Join Threads Cleanout
Thu. 11/26 All day Thanksgiving

Fri. 11/27 All day Join Threads Cleanout
Mon. 11/30 All day Maize's Birthday
Wish Maize a happy birthday!

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